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We upload the papers that students shared with us to help their peers worldwide. By the way, there is a special essay donation form on this website if you would like to donate some of your writings. It will pass our standard revision procedure and appear in the database, provided that it meets our requirements. On top of that, we regularly address the best students of all study levels, asking them to share their papers with others through our database.

The most advisable approach is to look up several essay samples on the topic in question to get a general idea of how such papers should be written. Then, you can look through the attached bibliography to continue your research on the issue. Many of our visitors say that they use the database “for inspiration.” But we believe there are more ways of using the free essay database in your studies.

All the papers we receive through the respective donation form on this website are subject to multi-level quality checks. First, we verify if the paper fits our format requirements. Second, we revise it for logical reasonability and academic excellence. Third, editors bring it to the error-free level. This three-stage security check ensures that you get access only to the best of the best papers.

We never ask to pay to access our website or any of its pages. There are no hidden payments in browsing the essay samples. Note that the citation tool under each paper is also free of charge. If you find out that some of the content requires a paid subscription, please report it to our support team. We do not charge any money because free access to high-quality content is our mission.