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1. Sodexo has several different divisions such as health care which has its own incentive program called Sodexo CARES. In a large company like this, having an incentive program that is tailored to the kinds of jobs and employees it has can make the incentive program work better for both employees and the firm. In one case, a group of dieticians received an award for their work on a online medication ordering system. Recognizing a group that works together motivates employees to work as a team. It fosters the idea that rewards and recognition come from people working with each other versus individuals only looking out for themselves. This can help create a friendly atmosphere and better work environment. However, Sodexo also recognizes individual accomplishments, which is also important, like in the case of the woman who home-cooked meals for a foreign patient. While this employee may have made the effort for this patient even without a reward, the publicity surrounding it can help motivate other employees to discover ways that they, too, can make a difference. This encouraging work environment would motivate people to stay in a place where their hard work is appreciated.
2. Having employees receive recognition and incentives at the national level can impact the performance of coworkers and colleagues to work together to find ways that they can improve performance at the local level. It allows people to measure up not just against each other in the workplace, but gives them goals to reach in comparison with the rest of the divisions in the country. It helps people in finding ways to think beyond where they have before. When people have higher goals to work for and believe they can do it, they tend to be more motivated and to work harder. Success brings pride and confirmation that the work ethic paid off.
1. When a large number of employees need to be hired, having a strategy allows a company to get its hiring message out to as many people as possible so that not only will the positions be filled, but they can be filled by the best qualified people. Without a strategy, the firm runs the risk that it will not be able to fill the required positions if not enough people apply or that those positions will be filled by people who are not really qualified for the job. In the case of Kia, the variety of the types of positions being offered meant the company had to get its message to a wide variety of people. Part of their strategy was to have their HR Director give presentations in a variety of media and places, which would reach a wide variety of people. A smaller firm may not need to hire as many workers as Kia, but it would still want to utilize resources efficiently in order to get the best employees for the jobs they offer. They could look at Kia’s strategy and see how it may be possible to do the same task on a smaller scale. The smaller firm may only have a couple people in charge of recruiting and hiring rather than Kia’s entire hiring staff; however, for this reason they also may find that an online system can help them reduce costs.
2. Utilizing the Internet allows employers of any size to reach a variety of possible employees from a wide area. It can also be cost-effective. For instance, in the Kia example, online applications allowed the firm to easily sort people by education and work experience. This can speed up the hiring process. It saves time and money as well because a computer can analyze the basic qualifications of applicants versus having an employee having to spend hours reading each application.

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