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2nd article: operations strategy essays example

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This paper handles three articles with different views in the business world. Each article will be summarized separately on its views on how various agents or players should be guided and the expected results. We then have a discussion concerning the three articles. Conclusion is prepared to give a clear view of the three articles’ view and a judgment is made on the lessons learnt from the three articles.

1st article

This Paper talks about Jack Stack who in the last 10 years has been speaking to the students in MIT School of management concerning the ideals and values of the engine ManufacturingCompany he established. The re-bounce leaders have identified that concepts such as values and ethics needs to be taken sternly since in post-Enron, corporate morals demanded by the companies are of high paycheck than that of the company executives. Trust integrity and fairness are important in any undertaking of a company’s prosperity.
What is now seen to be taking place is the development of a new model that supports the corporate principles. Zuboff has indicated that the gap between people and companies is filled with frustrations, distrust, dissatisfactions, and rage. This will make the companies be transparent and even concentration on a “ shareholder value” that shows performance in terms of prices in the stock market. The transparency will be beneficial not only to the investors but also to all other interested parties such as the workforce, suppliers and the customers. Executive pay brings unfairness, once eliminated; there will be trust and integrity hence establishing a corporate culture(Byrne par. 4).
In this article, it’s important to communicate with employees and be open with them will lead to an elimination of loopholes that affect culture established. Informing the employees of the company’s future by emphasizing the vision and the strategy besides enforcing the corporate culture, will be no doubt make it achievable in attaining reports on unethical lapses and actions within the company that hinders growth of the company.

In this article, the ideals of operations strategy have been covered with its components indicated on how they relay to the general company’s business. Operations strategy has been defined as the advancement of extensive blueprint on how the company’s major resources are going to be utilized in a manner that there is a close relationship between these resources and the company’s long term commercial strategy.
Operations strategy has been identified in this article to be value addition. In this case, customers always demand an equivalent of their money. This means that the satisfaction and benefits of the product or service acquired by the customer will definitely have to be matched to its costs. The benefits in customer’s opinion should supersede the cost.
The estimated customer value = Total benefits of the product and services/ total cost.
In this ratio, the higher the figure derived, the more the value obtained. If it’s a negative relation, then the customers will see that they have overpaid(Priya 33).
Coming up with a strategy refers to the concentration on all those values or aspects that will increase the worth of goods and services that the company manufactures and delivers to the customers. Various means have been identified on how a company can obtain a competitive advantage. This competitive advantage entails aligning the product and services provision to customers in a manner that promote what the company is selling. These alignments involve competitive priorities being emphasized such as price, quality, transportation, and flexibility.
In order for a company to be ahead of others in strategy development, being universal coupled with an increase in technological advancement will definitely result in hyper-competitive environment. This environment has enabled the company’s chief executives to always identify and implement new strategies. Companies through this environment have enabled a combined service and product provisions being merged in a manner that both of them are provided as a single bundle of benefits. This therefore offers solutions to the customers and to the company there is no just selling a product but satisfaction in terms of problems being solved from the customer’s point of view.

3rd article: Can Business Really Do business?

This article has concentrated all the ideas on the management of public resources, being able to do business with government and other private companies. Management of a municipal authority has concentrated on being more efficient with the use of machines. This means that machines need to be operated in the best way possible and consume the least amount of money toward production of its end product. The main reason for all these demands is that, the elected personnel who are in charge of all these resources in the municipalities have been pressured by the public not to increase taxes. There are many duties being allocated the municipalities by the federal government to handle with a little amount of money to use in meeting all the demands. The public as well is demanding excellent customer services to be avail to them.
Public-private connection that has been established within the cities has given them stiff completion. This means that the cities are definitely competing with the private business owners in its suburbs. Most cities have lost most of the operations to the private own businesses. Most of the activities are moving outside town so as the employment opportunities; hence this increases the financial problems of the cities’ authorities(Goldsmith 111).
The government authorities lack information on how to effectively manage their cities that’s why they are losing a fortune of it to the private sector. This means that the public sector needs to raise its standards in order to effectively compete with the private sector. Once they do that, a private sectors also have to be examples in showing the municipalities how they can provide services that results in a saving to the municipalities. This article proposes collaborations of the private and public authorities. The government authorities should not think that benchmarking helps them in being efficient yet they are just doing a comparison with other government authorities.


The three articles talks about improvement in service delivery to the customers or citizens. The strategies that have to be employed by the companies and authorities have to target efficiency and reduction of cost of products and services. In the first article, there is more of emphasize on adoption of a new model which reduces the gap between individuals and the company has to be filled with good business ethics such as trust and fairness among others.
The second article concentrated on operations strategy that in reality is of great value to all managers. Policy makers in any company do need to know how to have a hypo-competitive strategy that prioritizes various concerns giving them an edge above others.
In this regard, I may say that all these articles are concentrating on overcoming competition and provision of efficient and cheap products and services. Private companies as discussed in the third article should find ways of having common operational strategies with the public institutions. By so doing, this will give a huge savings on both the citizens and the ruling authorities.
It is worth noting that having a vision is important. This ensures that all the stakeholders in a company works towards attaining it and gets the strength to overcome any challenge thy encounter. Setting long term strategies gives an edge from any failure of lack of growth. These strategies enable companies overcome any challenges in the competitive world. All these strategies and various authorities’ measures they heavily invest in obtaining them target improvement of service delivery to the customers.
The ratio given in the second article indicates that customers should always have more value on any service or product they purchase. The cost should be within the worth in the customers’ point of view. The other articles as well are directing all their efforts towards the same idea. People focusing on the company’s long term goals, establishing a corporate culture, instilling ethical values, fairness, and openness will definitely move mountains in shelving undue competition. The 3rdarticle has shown various benefits and losses if the private sector and public authorities do not work together. When all these views and business attitudes attained, there is an assurance of getting or giving the best. It is important at all times to have business attributes that cover all the people. Employees in any workplace should give their best and avoid just profit making to the shareholders, but to remember business is all about service delivery hence strategies towards meeting this has to be well defined.


All the resources in any institution should be directed at meeting the company’s long term strategy. The first article has given all the perceptions that should be effected in the corporate world. If all these strategies are combined with the operation strategies shown in the second article and those that relates to business dealings with other sectors being kept positive as given in the third article, then the meaning of carrying a worthy business is attained.

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