About PaperPrompt Service

Today, PaperPrompt is a professional team of experts in a number of spheres. We are educators, developers, editors, and clienе supporters. As you may assume, we had lived very different lives before we ended up in PaperPrompt team. But now, we are united with a shared mission of helping students to grow. Because doing the work for someone never helps. But leading the person to the suitable sources of information does. 

Why do students hate writing assignments? The answer is, we hate to feel unintelligent. And the feeling always comes when you do not know what is expected from you. What should the result look like? We believe that having a good example at hand does half of the job.  

The samples stored in our database have been donated by the best English-speaking students of schools, colleges, and universities. We consider them our team members because if not for them, we would never exist and be proud to help people become better versions of themselves. 

PaperPrompt Mission

We created this resource to help students with their academic assignments and lower their stress levels.

We genuinely believe that our resource can become your attentive and caring guide on the way from a blank paper to a complete piece of writing.

In the majority of situations, students have writing blocks not because they are lazy. They lack experience, knowledge, or information to set their hands on paper. This fact entails frustration, stress, and missed deadlines.

PaperPrompt considers its mission to break this vicious circle. And in addition to our comprehensive database, we offer several free online tools. For example, check our citation tool at the bottom of each essay sample page or our Topic Generator.

Our Values

Sharing Knowledge

Our search engine ensures quick and easy access to students’ papers. These works contain lists of references that can considerably accelerate your writing, in addition to the article itself.

Academic Honesty and Integrity

We are strongly against any violations of authorship or copyright. Our visitors are encouraged to cite the essay they use in their writing.

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Our Benefits

PaperPrompt is an extensive database of writing samples that anyone can use for free.

Detailed Structure

Our enormous database is divided into larger and smaller categories. Essay samples fall into groups by topics, disciplines, length, type, study levels, and general subject fields. Alternatively, you can search for what you need by entering keywords.

Handy Tools

All our samples are downloadable in the majority of popular formats so that you can access them later on. Each text has an inbuilt citation tool to include a reference in your writing.

Personal Library

You can add any text on our website to your Favorites for easier access. It is an excellent instrument for in-depth research, especially in the case of a lengthy assignment. The items in your Favorites are sorted by date and discipline.