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Activity analysis #6 - newspaper article review

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SEVEN DIE IN RAMPAGE” AN ACTIVITY ANALYSIS YEAR) “ SEVEN DIE IN RAMPAGE…” The case shown in the report cited from the newspaper article reads the terrific fact of 7 people loosing life in a rampage in a reportedly profitable company Edgewater. All the employees in the company were expected to be happy with their work profiles and status in the organization. The description of what had been witnessed at the crime spot looks dramatic with its detailed narration of the position and status of objects in the scene. This should be understood from the versions of Mr. Stanley and Ms. Nancy, the employees of Edgewater that the company had maintained a peaceful atmosphere among the staff until the debacle broke out unpredictably worse (New York Times, Dec. 27, 2000). Even as a strong set up it was, the sudden loss of seven of its employees jolted the management structure and the company was forced to freeze its operation for a week. The reports of officials said Mr. McDermott; the accused apparently had no permits for possessing the weapons. However, the man had never been arrested for any criminal breach. The victims were of different regions of residence and were no way in possession of professional dealings with the accused. Sources also revealed that the man had lived a secluded life away from relationships. However, there are no factors predictive of workplace violence present in Edgewater case.
The report of the shoot-to-death case was subsequently attached to case registers of various other issues of homicides occurred in different locations across the United States of America. Texas, Tampa, Honolulu, Alaska, Atlanta, Newington, California and Los Angeles had marked records of such happenings of industrial dispute resulting in manslaughter at famous companies. Although the reason behind the impulsive killing instinct is inexplicable, investigating authorities depend on the behavioral patterns of the accused to find out the reasons for such heinous acts in various cases to record and store for further references of repetitions of such incidents.
Work place violence (WPV) refers to violence that originates from employees or employers. Work place violence is identified as the second-leading cause of homicide in the United States of America; for instance, almost 1000 workers are killed each year at workplace (Fisher & Lab, 2010, p. 1072). Violence in the work place is a serious safety and health issue. A clear definition of WPV can be read out as incidents where people are abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work, involving an explicit or implicit challenge to their safety, well being or health. Such a homicidal approach is usually developed through violence resulting from industrial disputes. Violence in any form is a behavior with the potential to cause harm. Based on the seriousness of the issue, violence can be of three types – Non-physical violence, Physical violence and Aggravated physical violence (Fisher & Lab, 2010, p. 1072). Intensity of violence is sometime beyond the hands of the management of any organization. Violators of any common code of courtesy have to be responsible for violations by form of threats or verbal abuse. WPVs adversely affect the smooth running of any organization. The death of a person during the agitation is surely a great task to control. Work place interruptions may occur instantaneously with imparting issues like sexual harassment, verbal abuse, minimum-wage payrolls, discrimination, discrimination and lack of job security. Studies show that more than half the companies in the US are vulnerable to workplace violence, with verbal threats being the major cause cited by 41% of respondents as the most common form (workplace violence article). However, none of the above stated symptoms or factors of workplace violence had been reported from Edgewater until the particular homicide occurred.
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