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Advantages of boston university

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ADMISSION ESSAY Boston has all that I need to achieve my future dreams. My decision to choose Boston University has been influenced by the fact that the university has a good reputation in terms of academics and nurturing career vision. I am currently pursuing a major in hospitality administration, and I expect to secure an administrative career in the field of hospitality in the near future. By the time I graduate, I am sure I will have acquired the necessary skills and training that will allow me to apply my expertise in the growing hospitality industry. Different courses that are offered in the University will enhance my knowledge not just in the field of hospitality, but also in other academic areas.
The high academic standards fully drive my desire to study at Boston University as compared to many other universities that offer similar programs. Considering that my objective is to open my company in the future, I will be able to learn how to apply business concepts such as customer service, marketing and efficiency in my own business. Based on the training that I will undergo, I will progressively learn other things that are required for successful business management. Moreover, I will acquire additional skills in finance, supervision, and hospitality law.
I know that Boston University upholds and respects diversity. As a student, I am aware that I will be expected to respect the institution’s values. I also understand that Boston University is a multi-cultured setting that will require me to treat each and every individual with the dignity that they deserve. The reason I am choosing this university is because I am also a unique individual. I come from a multi-cultured background, and I would happily excel in a respectful environment without the fear of being discriminated against. Boston University will, therefore, be a favorable environment for me.
Besides academics, I am drawn to Boston University due to its location. Currently, I reside in California and moving to Boston will expose me to new opportunities and challenges that will in turn provide me with both academic and social exposure. It is worth my investment since gaining exposure will provide me with an avenue for networking as well as business experience. Moreover, the university will identify me as an asset in their system due to many other contributions that I will make based on skills and talents that I have already acquired over time. Other than academic excellence, I want to advance as a person. Boston University supports individual progress. Adapting to the new environment will not be a problem to me since I have friends and relatives who stay in Boston. There is no other place I feel I can achieve my career expectations and future goals better than in Boston University.
The School of Hospitality Administration at the University has all the resources that I will need to develop my career. Finally, as I finish studies, I will be in a position to understand physical and human systems that pertain hospitality. The existence of executive participants will enable me to identify mentors who will offer me great advice that will contribute towards the achievement of my goals. Finally, the many hotels in Boston will provide me with internship opportunities that will enable me gain outstanding experience in the field of hospitality.

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