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Amazon contingency theory case study

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Amazon. com There are a vast variety of people that are currently employed with Amazon. As a company leading in innovation it is a necessity that there are people employed with Amazon that are going to enhance the moral of the company. From current and previous employees that’s have worked or still works for Amazon feel that it is essential to have workers that have the companies best interest at heart. Employees that enjoy coming to work emit a greater output than those coming to work merely off of satisfaction of receiving a pay check.

Many current employees enjoy the fast pace work environment that Amazon offers as well as the many opportunities that Amazon extends to their employees such as building data bases and creating new software. One repetitive pro to that many current employees said that there is to working at Amazon. com is that it’s one of the leading tech companies with new technologies which makes it a daily learning experience and a fun place to work. Many cons to working at Amazon. om we see are moving up the corporate ladder. Many employees feel that there are a lot of upper level management issues and a lack of career growth due to the fact that management makes most promotion decisions based on heresy rather than on direct observations and employee knowledge. Another con employees of Amazon face is that working at Amazon. com can potentially become a 24/7 job resulting in you working at home as well as in the office interfering with employees personal and family life.

Which goes back to the Contingency Theory question what kind of people are employed, not necessarily meaning what race or gender. Rather what kind of mindset and work ethics does and employee posses working at a corporation like Amazon. Based on the reviews that’s should be a employee with great moral, willing to be team member working in large quantities of groups, and willing to put for all the effort need to make sure Amazon stays in the position as one of the top leaders in innovative companies.

Another developmental question of the Contingency Theory asks is how companies are organizationally structured. Organization structure can be defines as activities such as task allocation, coordination and supervision, which are directed towards the achievement of organizational aims. Based on the research we’ve done and information gathered we have come to the conclusion that Amazon. com has a Virtual form of organization structure.

The virtual organization exists within a network of alliances, using the Internet. This means while the core of the organization can be small but still the company can operate globally and is a market leader in its niche. Although none sell in huge numbers, there are so many niche products that collectively they make a significant profit, and that is what made highly innovative Amazon. com so successful. A manager at Amazon. om philosophy is that they are risk takers and innovators. They have close control over all employees, breaking them into teams with specific tasks for specific divisions to complete over an allotted amount of time. References http://www. glassdoor. com/Reviews/Amazon-com-Reviews-E6036. htm http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Organizational_structure http://usingapple. com/2011/06/funny-organizational-chart-for-apple-facebook-google-amazon-microsoft-oracle/

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