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An idea that failed

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Kamala who worked in ” ICC bank” used to reach her workplace In her car. One day, she was unable to start her car and as she has to report In office 9 o’clock sharp but she did not have time to get the car repaired-So she decided to take a bus. When the bus arrived, it was overcrowded but if she waited for another one, she would have not made it in time. So she boarded it and somehow managed to reach office in time. On reaching the bank, she remembered carrying her cell phone with her. When she checked her Jeans pocket… She was shocked on not finding it there.

Her pocket was empty. Maybe It was stolen. ” l should not have boarded a crowded bus. Maybe somebody has picked my pocket there”, she said to herself-Manager Gathers too had just reached the bank-seeing Comma’s face she understood that there was some problem. ” What is the matter, Kamala? Why are you looking upset? L’s everything all asked. ” Marry, my cell phone has been stolen”, spoke Kamala nervously. ” You did not have any cell phone! ” surprised Gathers said. ” Yesterday was my birthday and It was a birthday gift to me from my husband. He had bought It yesterday”, salad Kamala.

Olathe is saddled us go to the Police Station and get a report lodged”, Gathers said. Disappointed Kamala will it matter? I won’t get the cell phone back” ” We must get a complaint lodged for every crime. The thief will soon be caught you see and you will get your cell phone back”, the manager assured. 000 so both went to the Police station. Landscape venue who was on duty writing the report inquired,” What was your phone number? “. Then Venue dialed the number from his phone. ” l am sure. You will not get through. The thief either must have taken out the Simi card or must have switched off the phone”, a disillusioned Kamala said.

The cleverest of the thief’s also commits a mistake somewhere. Maybe your cell phone thief leaves a clue too”, Landscape said. On not getting the number for the first time, the inspector tried again. ” it is said softly and switched on his speaker phone. A voice responded,” Hello, who is speaking? ” ” There is a good news for you. Our company rewards a cell phone buyer every month with two tickets to Ago… The winner’s name is taken out through lottery. You are the lucky one who has purchased a cell phone yesterday and won the prize. Elf you do not want to avail of the trip, we will offer you a cash of prize RSI. , OOH,” Venue said. Gathers and Kamala understood that Venue played a trick to trap the thief in the net. And he was successful too. The thief responded,”‘ will avail of the cash prize. When and where will I get the prize. ” ” You can come to our office if you want. Or we could send our officer to hand you over the prize. You will Just have to come and show your cell phone to us”, said the inspector. ” l will come to your the thief ” Anytime. Our address is 8-404, Maharani Bag and my name is Venue An excited thief said,”‘ will be there in two hours”.

Keeping the phone down the inspector said,” The thief seems very greedy. He did not even think where we got his number from. ‘ was apprehending that if he enquired that I would not know what to say. ” A surprised Kamala asked,” whose address was the one you gave? ” ” The same company’s from where you bought your cell phone. Krishna is my friend and he is General Manager of that company”, informed Venue. ” You managed to ensure the thief very Gathers. ” You may leave now. Len an hours time you will get your cell phone and the thief too will be caught,” Venue assured. L forgot to tell you that my cell phone has a small Barbie sticker on its inside by my aught”, informed Kamala ” This will make it easier to identify your cell Venue. One hour later inspector reached his friend Krishna office and told him about everything. Curtain. SAA has no idea. Speaking arrogantly to Krishna, Parade said ” Did you rang me up? I have come to collect my prize of RSI. 50, OOH” ” Where is your cell phone? ” asked Krishna. Parade showed the cell phone. Krishna opened the cell phone and saw Barbie sticker inside it. He said,” Come out, inspector. The person you were waiting for is here” When Parade saw Venue he was shocked.

He could not even dream that he would be aught like this one day. ” How many cell phones have you stolen till now? ” Landscape asked sternly. ” Five hundred”, parade, petrified could not lie. Venue arrested Parade immediately and put him behind bars. Kamala was too happy getting back her cell phone. She praised Venue for his efficiency. ” More than my efficiency it was the foolishness of parade that helped. Elf he had not talked on the cell phone, my plan would not have worked. Parade is very clever but committed a mistake this time”, Venue said. Parade was punished with one year imprisonment. Many of his friends too were put behind bars.

They were very happy to see him but when they learnt about his foolishness, they all had a hearty laugh. His best friend Panda said,” Parade, you are so clever. Everyone calls you clever, Parade. How could you commit such a mistake? You should not have talked with that cell phone. You should have at least enquired. After all, the buyer was to get a prize, not you. You had stolen it. You must have thought that you would get RSI. 50, OOH easily. You have not only made a fool of yourself but also let us down too” Parade could not speak a word and sat with a hung face. His accomplices too refused to accept him as his leader. THE END

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