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App effects

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Part I Application Effects I would like to accept that the world has become full of high tech. This is the result of the developments in the Information Technology (IT). Life has become so simple because of the emergence of modern technologies, provided by such companies asNokia, Motorola, SamsungandApple. As a result of their constant researches, the world is now enjoying the services of smart phones, iPads, iPods, iPhones, iClouds, and calculators among the others.

Each of these applications has received different receptions in the market, based on the diverse roles they play to their users. This has prompted a very stiff competition in this sector. As a result, many companies have come up with strategies to have a lion share of this rapidly expanding market. For instance, Apple Company has responded by introducing more advanced applications, such as iCloud, Phone, iPod, Apple TV, Mac, iLife, iwork and OSX. These are life changing, which were generated as a result of extensive researches conducted by intelligent minds like Steve Jobs. Today such applications can be used in different areas, including medical care, mathematics, communication and science.

They have aided researchers and other scholars to easily do their work without facing many problems. For instance, Apple TV is a small network appliance, which has got ability to play digital contents extracted from iClouds, iPunes, Youtube, Hulu Plus and NBA League Pass. This has greatly transformed the entertainment industry by offering a solution to the less portable television sets. This illustrates the effects of technological appliances for a man in the contemporary society.

However, as the author argues, the success of these devices is dependent on the novelty of the producers alongside with the support of the users. Part II One of the greatest achievements in this century is technology. The world has become so advanced to the extent that people are losing their human craftsmanship. Almost nobody does any manual work any more. In fact, everybody has appreciated the digital nature of the contemporary society. There could hardly be people who are still using analogue technology to do anything.

Instead, this has been replaced by the more flexible advanced digital devices. As this author examines, very many people have come up with lots of innovations exclusively to improve man’s life. It is true that there are apps for doing everything today. This has been a work of extensive series of researches, conducted by many experts. It has also been a response to the stiff competition, which has been facing the players in this field. A lot of companies have emerged to produce various categories of apps.

These include Apple, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry, Alcatel, Sony, Sanyo, Philips, Microsoft, and others. However, each of them has specialized in a specific area. Some of the most popular apps include UV Index; SF Mobile; Wireless Information System for Emergency (WISER); Plum Book; iPad; iPhone; mobile computer; iCloud and others. In view of aforesaid, each of these is used for performing a specific duty.

However, they are all designed to suit and satisfy the needs of their clients, who are intending to use them. The competition amongst these companies has been so stiff. Hence, it is inevitably necessary for them to improve the quality of their services and come up with novel ideas, which can be translated into practice to help them to accomplish their goals. It is only through such initiatives that the company’s products will receive acceptance in the market. I would like to agree with these authors for their assertion on apps effects. It is not emerging, but emergent issue.

The society has already been introduced into these apps. I am arguing thus because these apps have now become a part and parcel of many people’ life. However, their essentiality cannot allow them to discriminately serve users. Unlike the other discoveries, which are always bias towards a section of the population, mobile and other apps are used by both the young and the old. It is this back ground, which guides my stance that this technology has now been deeply rooted into the society. They have a variety of uses, which vary from one person to another.

For instance, the use of this technology in offering medical solutions is open for all the people, regardless of their differences. Any person who visits health facilities has an equal opportunity of using MHealth as long as they can access the required gadget (smart phone). If this trend continues, it means that millions of apps will be introduced into the market. Apps are changing the lives of people today. It has brought a lot of impacts in the economy and influences people’s perception in different ways. Many sectors including energy have greatly relied on their use.

As a result of the constant innovations, sophisticated software and gadgets have been introduced. Individuals can easily access digital contents from the online stores. The good news is that the internet has become available today. It can be got on full time basis without any restriction. Hence, accessing web sites of the providers in acquiring such information has improved the situation. The apps have, therefore, gained prominence and are used everywhere.

Several devices have been designed to offer services to different categories of users. For instance, small screens have been supplied to the market to be used by people travelling by cars. Thee are fairly cheaper, and can easily connect travelers and car owners to the television streams. Through this, they can get entertainment and be in a position of being up dated on the current issues. Individuals only need to buy appropriate gadgets and activate them.

Through their local server, they can easily get connected to the global community. Despite all this effort, I would like to wind up by saying that the use of this technology has suffered because of a few challenges. Firstly, they are not accessible to the rural dwellers. People, especially in the Third World Countries, living in such places, have no electricity. However, most of these apps heavily rely on electricity as the main source of power (Linzmayer, R.

W., 2009). It becomes so challenging for them to effectively use these applications in such areas, unless they acquire alternative sources of power, such as generators or solar panels. Secondly, many people, especially the old folk, have no idea how to operate such apps (Jeap, B. et al., 2012).

Because of such complexities in the use of these apps, many of them do not use them. They seemly lose interest in them. However, this is a matter of information they should be sensitized on the importance and operation procedures of these apps. Lastly, there is the issue of costs. Very many providers have hiked the prices of their respective app brands. However, this should be blamed on the increased cost of production.

In this regard, I would like to recommend to the government to provide am immediate intervention to the players in this sector. Apart from lowering taxation rates, it should allow free entrance into this business and enlighten the citizens. This is the only way, through which it can enable people to easily access these apps without many problems. Part III Mhealth is the name given to the current application modern technology in the medical sector. Over the years, issues of health concern have been troubling the world population.

However, this sector has not remained behind, as far as the use of technology is concerned. A lot of applications have been invented purposely to help medical practitioners to conduct their activities more efficiently than they used to do before. Some of the major applications, used in this sector, include the mobile phones, PDAs, patient monitors, tablet computers, and communication satellites. These are all important because they have been designed in a way, suitable for promoting efficiency in the delivery of services to the patients. In other words, they have benefited all the stakeholders, including physicians, nurses, parties, administrators, government, and the general public.

Mobile phones have really revolutionized the use of this technology in mhealth. The recent discovery of high technological smart phones has helped people in different ways. The doctors, nurses, physicians, and the medical authorities have heavily depended on this device to bridge the gap between them and their patients. It has been used for collecting clinical and community health information, and the delivery of the same data to the health care providers. In several occasions, such a data has been of great help to the researchers who are engaged in various studies in different parts of the world. Through such researches, they are able to come up with information, which can be of great help in solving serious problems, affecting the society.

Moreover, the government can also rely on such data in order to help in making major decisions for the benefit of all its citizens. After all, it is its sole responsibility to ensure that there is a healthy population at all times. Mhealth is necessary in addressing the emerging issues affecting people today. It provides immediate answers to the people. The only way through which the dynamics of the society can be addressed is through the development of such initiatives.

As already highlighted, its application has enabled all the people to benefit from essential medical services. This has been of a great benefit to the patients, since it has help to reduce their respective medical expenses. It is a breakthrough from the traditional situation, in which they had to make physical visitations to the healthcare centers to access such information. Instead of physically travelling to the medical facilities to seek for their feedbacks and other medical reports, patients only need to use smart phones. While in the comfort of their homes, they need to acquire this device so as to connect with the hospital administration to serve them. This is so efficient to them.

Besides, it can save their time. Instead of using a lot of time moving to the hospitals, they can relax at home and, instead, concentrate on other things. This explains why these applications have gained prominence amongst the patients because they perceive it as a tool of liberation to them. Furthemore, the use of this application is flourishing because it has really helped to improve the quality of services offered to the patients. Unlike in the past, when physicians used to depend on manual gadgets for most of their services, they can now use these applications to attend to their clients.

For instance, the use of computers can enable them to safely store patients’ information and easily retrieve it whenever needed. This has not only restored the confidence of the patients, but also of all the other stakeholders involved. It has made medical services more accessible to the people than it was before. I would like to report that the use of mhealth is a revolutionary invention. It has a fuuture. Just the same way it has received acceptance amongst the medical stakeholders, it will be supported by all in the near future.

To many people, it is the only way they can see that the quality of services being offered in the medical facilities is improving. Both individuals and corporations are making deliberate steps to ensure that these applications are effectively used. In fact, according to experts, it is predicted that the use of smart phones amongst the patients will rise to over 500 million people by the year 1015. If it is true that this number is not exaggerated, then MHealth is destined for success. In order to justify this stance, I would like to say that very many companies have ventured into the provision of this service.

These include Apple, Samsung, Motorola Solutions Incorporations, among the others. Having realized the importance of this service, they have dedicated their resources to carry our research to provide services, which will, of course, satisfy the needs of their diverse clients (Linzmayer, R. W., 2009). Despite the fact that the Information Technology (IT) has become a very competitive sector, many investors have come up to flood it. As a result, there has a variety of products, such as phones, iPads, iPhones, i0S6 and others.

Each of these is aimed at providing alternative service to act as a remedy to the weaknesses of other applications, which are already in the market. Besides, this technology has been receiving a lot of support from the major players including donors, governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Each of these has provided funds to be used in carrying out researches and subsidizing the costs of these products. Despite this progress, these applications have lots of controversies, which may act as a very big drawback, if not checked. Many people have blamed them for the increased cases of medical complications.

A lot of users now fear using these gadgets because they believe that they can result in diseases like cancer. In order to solve this problem, a lot of research, hence, should be conducted to find out if this claim is justified or baseless. However, it is a common knowledge that this technology has lots of side effects which can cause a very great challenge to the users. Since it is a medical application, which should assist in helping individuals to have unrestricted access to medical services, it should not cause any threat to the users. Instead, it should offer an ultimate remedial measure to the challenges, which people have faced in the recent past.

All the manufacturing companies should come up with strategies on how to tackle this issue. Their contribution is so significant because it can restore the confidence of the users of these applications in MHealth. On the other hand, there should be an increased support from the other players, such as the government and the NGOs. The development, marketing, promotion and the use of these applications should be accorded with maximum possible support. The government can chip in by softening taxation policies (Young, W.

& S. Jeffrey, 2005). They should offer tax waivers to the application producers. At the same time, they can assist by offering subsidies and sponsoring individuals to acquire it. I give this suggestion because these are equally main players in this sector. Their contribution can help the application manufactures and users to perfect in these devices.

If they intervene properly, it will be obvious that many people will change their attitudes and accept using the new technology in the pursuit of their medical longevity. Part IV Topics This report confirms that the development of mobile apps has not yet accomplished the full potential. A lot of work still needs to be done in order to ensure that the services, offered by the IT companies, dealing in these apps are addressed once and for all. The surest remedy relies on research. It is only through research that new information can be discovered and disseminated to the people for practical use. In my well thought opinion, I would like to suggest that the most appropriate topics to prioritize are solar appliances and side effects of mobile phones.

My first topic, the solar appliances, is mainly about the proposal of using solar charged appliances. One of the most formidable challenges, which have been faced by the uses of these appliances, is high maintenance cost. Since these are just portable appliances, which can be used in any place, many people are using them wherever they are. However, this poses a very great challenge, especially when travelling to the rural areas. In such areas, there is no electric supply.

Hence, it becomes very hard for them to use them there. The only way to solve this problem is to launch solar powered devices just the same way it has been done by some companies manufacturing gadgets like a calculator (Collomb, G. et al., 2008). On the other hand, I would like to suggest a topic focusing on the side effects of mobile apps.

More than often, this has caused a lot of controversies. There have been reports of health risks, associated with these devices. Many diseases such as cancer have been linked to the use of these devices. Therefore, I would like to suggest that the manufacturing firms should conduct their own research and give impartial object findings. Meanwhile, they should produce risk free devices, which cannot cause any problem to the users.

This will enable them to instill confidence in their clients.

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