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Nike Company’s ‘ Find Your Greatness’ Campaign Report

For an effective advertising campaign, it is essential to integrate a larger number of media. The integration is of significance since it creates enormous attractions and higher level of awareness to the organization’s customers and potential customers. One of such companies that have integrated its advertisement campaigns is the Nike Corporation. The company has effectively integrated the advertisements that equally work best across the television, online media, and outdoor. These make its customers promptly gain awareness about the products of the company. This paper conducts an analysis of one of the Nike Corporation’s advertisement campaigns and its effect on the consumer buying process.
Nike is a multinational corporation dealing in the development, designing and marketing of footwear worldwide. Nike as a corporation has a tendency to market its products in order to increase the aggregate sales of the corporation by attracting the interest of its potential consumers. The company is globally recognized for its better competitive advantages and constantly using viral marketing in the footwear industry. It constantly uses social networks basically for producing an increase in its product brand awareness as well as to accomplish its set marketing objectives. This is undertaken via self replicating viral practices. Nike’s viral marketing is simply enhanced by the internet network effects. The company promotes its product brand using video clips. It uses video clips on networks on the internet to reach larger audience. For this paper, Nike lightning advertisement is analyzed to determine how the advertisement influenced the consumer buyer behaviour.

Nike’s ‘ Find Your Greatness’ advert

Targeted customers
– The advert targeted obese kids
– The campaign targeted kids who are between the ages of five to fifteen.
– Parents were targeted in this commercial campaign since they are children’s sponsors in the buying process and some are also struggling with obesity.
Why does Nike Corporation advertising campaign work so well? Firstly, the company’s advertisements provide an opportunity to create an impression. Actually, the first impression of the company’s television, online media, and outdoor advertisement is that greatness is not only reserved for athletes who are elite, but is a thing that everybody can aspire in their own way. It is such impression that wins the customers perception of the company’s products.
The Nike’s ‘ Find Your Greatness’ advert targeted the kids. The campaign targeted kids who are between the ages of five to fifteen. As well, parents were targeted in this commercial campaign. This is because they are the major sponsors and thus are largely involved in the children’s buying process. They offer financial support to the children. The commercial campaign was aimed at drawing the attention of the children and to encourage them to turn out to be more active because it is only then they reduce weight and get fit. The company realized that to offer the product to the children as the target market, the benefits must be communicated to both the children and the parents. It is this reason that made Nike Corporation conduct the ‘ Find Your Greatness’ advert that specifically targeted the obese children and adults and offered information of the benefits of the reducing weight. It is the benefits demonstrated on the advert that would later motivate the parents to purchase the products for their children.
The advert candidly distinguished the brand offered for purchase. The brand offered for sale was the Nike brand. The impression created was that the brand offered children and parents the ability to achieve. The advert integrated emotions and demonstrated that benefit of engaging in an exercise. From the advert, it is clearly demonstrated that “ we’re all capable of it. All of us.”
Therefore, the major feature of the advert was to enable the children to engage themselves in any physical exercise with no fear of getting hurt. In particular, in the commercial campaign, the shoe was given a light quality and protective quality. Additionally, the campaign showed an impression that the product was able to fit all while exercising. Further, the shoe could be found in brighter colours of all types, manufactured with a material which is easy to clean and with attractive Nike designs.

Product Information

– Bright colours
– Material which is easy to clean
Equally, the shoe was meant to make children become extremely active while playing using Nike shoe brand. The benefits of the brand included the non-marking rubber outsoles with a well flex grooves that guaranteed natural motion. Besides, the product was demonstrated to be extremely durable and light in weight with responsive cushioning. Other benefits that the advert offered to the target customers were: lace closures and TPU cages for safe lockdown. The communication of the benefits was meant to attract the attention of the children so that they can involve their parents in the buying process.

Occasion the product is being advertised for

In the Nike ‘ Find Your Greatness’ commercial campaign, the occasion the product is being advertised for is well communicated. In the advert, the product was meant for physical exercise. The product was advertised for play and was meant for kids and adults who need to engage themselves in physical exercise without a fear of getting heart.

Where the advert was positioned

The ‘ Find Your Greatness’ commercial campaign was positioned on the central idea of making children and adults believe that human will and determination is very essential and is of credible power. In fact, the campaign positioned itself to tackle USA’s stigma of childhood obesity. Notably, the advert positioned itself in encouraging children to be more active. Among the children, being active is only attainable when the children are able to engage themselves in any form of physical exercise. In the advertisement, a perception was created in the children’s and parent’s minds that weight can only be effectively managed through physical exercise and healthy eating . This requires a good shoe that enables obese children engage in physical exercise without any fear of getting hurt. This is due to the fact parents and children have a wealth of information that games usually expose children to injuries. The advert was thus positioned to eliminate the fear that is related with games and to create awareness in children that they can begin becoming active and effectively manage their weight as they exercise in Nike shoe. To achieve this, the advert had to motivate and win the negative emotions of children with regard to physical exercise. They were convinced that with Nike shoe brands, “ we’re all capable of it. All of us.”
‘ Find Your Greatness’ shoe commercial campaign extremely offered a lot of information to both the parents and children. The major information on the advert was that everybody has the ability to remain fit and healthy and that it is only the will and determination. Besides, children are likely to be most active when they engage in physical exercise which eventually helps them successfully manage their weights.
Essentially, the central idea was to persuade children to become more active. The advert as well informed parents that children who frequently engage in physical exercise are more active than those who revolve around the television. It went ahead to inform parents that for children to play without hurting themselves and without exposing themselves to any potential injury, Nike brand shoe was very important. This made the advert sell.
The colours used in the advert were bright. The bright colours created a perception to the kids that playing in Nike shoes is colorful and healthy just as the shoes are. Besides, the bright colours were effectively used to attract the children’s interest.
The bright colours used were as well appropriate since children usually get attracted to brighter colours. The identity of the colours was appropriate with playful children.

Buyer process of the advert

The advert demonstrated a buying process that begins with recognition of the problem, product evaluation, and selection of an appropriate product and ended with post purchase evaluation of the decision. In essence, the need the product aimed to satisfy was that of managing weight. Additionally, it was aimed at satisfying the need of making children more active. The advert identified the need that parents wanted their children to be active and that could only be achieved through the physical exercise. This was then to be followed by information gathering of the most appropriate product.
In the product evaluation stage, the parents have to make a decision for a product with the desired characteristics for physical exercise. To effectively meet the parent’s evaluation criteria, the advert successfully integrated positive attitudes, beliefs and intentions as it was being run on the television. The relevant evaluative criteria that the advert used were that of reliability and comfort. In particular, based on the product features, parents were able to evaluate the product benefits and whether the product is able to satisfy their needs. The advert clearly indicated that the brand has non-marking rubber outsoles with a well flex grooves that guaranteed natural motion. Besides, the product was demonstrated to be extremely durable and light in weight with responsive cushioning. It is this stage that gets the attention of the parents to select the Nike shoe brand.
The advert as well had the product selection stage. The advert certainly stressed why the product should be selected by parents for their children. This was accomplished by successfully including a message. The theme of advert was to make parents and children believe that weight management can be effectively managed by everybody and is achieved away from the television. It is actualized through physical exercise. The theme was meant to win the moods of parents and to trigger positive response. Basically, it was meant to generate positive perception of the brand. Consumers’ perception of a given product brand impact greatly what they purchase and how much is purchased. As well, theme was aimed at winning customers’ perception about physical exercise. Therefore, the commercial campaign was meant to eliminate the fear related with physical exercise and games.
In the post consumption stage, the adverts demonstrated the satisfaction level by showing an obese child engaging in physical exercise. The kid runs and runs, evidently exhausted but has an immense effort and the will to achieve.
It is therefore true that the advert to a larger extent confirmed the product brand benefits as well as the expectations of the consumers. The consumption experience displayed on the advert was that of children exercising in Nike shoes have a sheer determination and will to manage their weight effectively. However, the focus of this perspective is on utilitarian needs to the exclusion of affective requirements.

Involvement Levels/Risk Perception

There were low risks associated with the advert. The advert may be perceived as risky at the point where the child is about to finish the race. From the advert, the child is looking miserably uncomfortable. It is as if he is almost toppling over. This may turn down customers who detest high risk involvement products. To some extent, this may be risky and create fear for children under the age of eight.

Marketing Mix elements

On the other hand, the advert successfully presents the promotional objective. The promotional objective of the advert was to present to the customers human will is a thing of incredible power. The advertisement’s message was to show the determination of the boy to cut down his weight. Also, the major information, that everybody has the ability to remain fit and healthy and that it is only the will and determination is clearly actualized.
The company chose both the television and the internet to run the campaign. In essence, the choice of television and online media by the company shows that the company’s promotion strategy is that aimed at reaching larger number consumers. In particular, running the advert on the television was suitable since children who formed the target customers always sit in front of the television. This strategy therefore guaranteed mass reach of the children with obesity.

Critique of “ Find Your Greatness” campaign

Nike Corporation as a producer of sports products has successfully carried out effective integrated its marketing campaign that has for sure enabled it to excel the industry. The marketing campaign, ‘ Find Your Greatness’ had an excelling approach. Firstly, the advert had its targeted customers. Besides targeting the mass market, it specifically targeted the obese children and adults. Market targeting in advertising is very essential since it is only then that the involvement of the customers in buying the product can be achieved. Similarly, the target customer is essential of the passage of the right information about the product.
Equally, the central idea and the theme were effectively integrated. From the onset, an impression could be seen that it is the will that has an incredible power. This in effect formed the promotional strategy. In fact, the company strategically chose to use an obese child to show how determination and will motivate. Equally, featuring the overweight child is an effective strategy that the company is using to challenge the stereotype youth that obese children are inactive and thus cannot engage in physical exercise.
Additionally, the choice of media is effective for any advert to create awareness about the existence of the company’s product. Nike Company successfully integrates its marketing campaign and uses both the television and the internet. These ensured that the information reached a larger number of its customers and thus created awareness. Besides, the benefits communicated in the advert successfully got the attention of customers which would later facilitate the buying process. The advert had a creative appeal. To attract the attention of the targeted customers, it is important to make use of attractive and creative approach.


As a producer of sportswear, Nike Company should aggressively engage in aggressive integrated marketing communication. It must use a comprehensive, interesting and effective advertisement campaigns that will enable it excel in the company. As a leading sportswear manufacturer, the company should include in its adverts the price and the distribution of its products. “ Find Your Greatness” marketing campaign failed to include the price of the product and the mode of distribution. The company must include these in its future adverts since it is the price details and availability of the products that prompt customers to make effective evaluation of the available products needed to satisfy the need.


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