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Bad news message

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Bad News Letter to a To, Mr. Patel Nataraj 3482 Elmora Street
Nakesh MT 9821
Dear Mr. Patel,
Thank you for your letter about the refund or replacement of the $1, 000 piece of equipment that you bought from our company three years ago. We have enjoyed a positive and profitable business relationship between your company and Super Equipment Inc. over the years. Super Equipment Inc. believes, as you do, that Equipment of this nature should be built to last long. That is why we always support our products with a two year warranty.
Even though your equipment is three years old, one year after the warranty expiry, we can still help. Please package your equipment carefully and ship it to our store in Cornell Street. Include your full name, address, day time phone number, and a brief but clear description of the malfunction with a check of $100 for initial examination.
After assessing the equipment, we have to apologize that the extent of damage is irreparable and cannot be replaced. You can however choose to repair the equipment within our service centers or acquire a whole new set of equipment. We are giving you this option to ensure that your work is not stalled. Kindly reach us through our contacts immediately.
If you choose to repair the equipment with us, the $100 will be applied towards your bill, the balance of which is payable by check or credit card. Super Equipment Inc. also has service centers available in your area. If you would prefer to take the equipment to one of the centers, please see the enclosed list.
Thank you again for inquiring about our services. I have enclosed a catalog of our latest equipment, parts and accessories in which you will find Super Equipment Incorporation’s “ Trade-up Special”. If you are ready to move up to our new equipment model, we will offer you a generous trade – in allowance on your current model.
Yours Sincerely,
Mr. James ABC
Customer Service Manager
Super Equipment Inc.
9871 Cornell Street
River Road SM 6653
Enclosures: List of service centers
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