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Becoming an atf agent

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Becoming an ATF Agent The United s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is a Federal organization that investigates a variety offederal offenses within the jurisdiction of its moniker. This organization is abbreviated ATF and the agents that work for the organization referred to as ATF agents. With the serious nature of this bureau it is no surprise that there are stringent requirements for becoming an ATF agent. This essay considers the requirements to become an ATF agent.
The method of becoming an ATF agent is an extensive and highly selective process. The first step in becoming an ATF agent is completing a four-year degree. All ATF agents are required to receive at least a bachelor’s degree. The individual must be at least twenty-one years old and no older than thirty-seven. There are a number of smaller requirements as well. In these regards the individual must, “ Complete and pass the ATF special agent assessment test and the Treasury Enforcement Agent exam” (Jess, 2011). Potential ATF agents also undergo stringent background testing, including a polygraph test. In addition, it’s noted that you will need to, “ undergo a physical exam and drug screening. If you are selected to become an agent, you will also participate in a much more specific law enforcement training program” (” Criminal justice degrees,” 2011). While ATF agents must receive a four-year degree, there is not a specific major or degree the individual must receive; although many ATF agents pursue studies in criminal justice, law, or related fields. In addition there are specific paths within the ATF that require post-graduate coursework. In terms of cost, there is a great amount of cost differential based on the type of education – public or private – the individual seeks. In addition, concerns related to room and board also make the cost highly relative.
Once individuals are hired as ATF agents there is also a considerable amount of training. It’s noted that the individual undergoes, “ 9 weeks in Glynco, GA where new agents are trained in surveillance, arrest techniques, firearms training and other skills.  New agents then spend 13 weeks at FLETC where they are trained on explosives, bomb scene investigation and other similar areas” (” Atf agent career,” 2011). Even as there are considerable requirements to become an ATF agent, the beginning salary is commensurate with the extensive training; in these regards, beginning agents make approximately $25, 000 per year, but within a few years can make nearly $50, 000.
In conclusion, this essay has examined the requirements to become an ATF agent. The essay established that individuals must receive a four-year degree and undergo a number of training programs after being hired. In all the process takes a minimum of four years, plus training within the agency itself. Still, the ATF agent’s salary is commensurate with the extensive training they must undergo. Ultimately, it’s clear that becoming an ATF agent is highly difficult and selective process.
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