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Benefits and drawbacks of iphones

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The iPhone 7 was released in September 2016. Many people had preordered this phone months in advance to insure the product immediately. I was one of these people, I couldn’t wait to receive this phone. The main reason I was attracted to it, relied in all the new features included. I’ve always preferred apple to android. I feel the accessibility and construct is much more reliable and organized. IPhone is the superior brand in cellular devices and will only continue to amaze in the future.

Some of the new features that I briefly explained above include: design, camera, retina, and speakers. Although there are several more, these are the ones I’d like to explain throughout my paper. For starters, this chic design is the largest of all generations in the iPhone family. The camera zooms in better and offers new filters as well. The retina HD is 25% brighter display and the speakers are built right into it (which are a lot louder). These differences contribute to the greatness of this product. Each can and will be explained more within my presentation.

There are several good and bad aspects of both this company and the phone itself. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this phone, however, I feel that phone’s should evolve. The reason being, is that each phone looks relatively similar. The only major differences is size and color, basically. I think this phone could generate more sales by including more colors, and shapes alike.

One thing about Android, that I wish iPhone would consider would have to deal with music. I love that you can directly download free music with a app on android. With iPhone, you must pay for each individual song, which can be quite expensive. I feel if apple had an app like this, even more consumers would be interested in this product.

On the other hand, I feel they are way more accessible and organized when compared to android. IPhone are very simple to use, and if you have used one , you’ve used them all. Everything is in the same place from generation one to generation seven. This makes transitions to the next generation very simple and hassle free.

The iPhone seven is very large and makes viewing videos and movies a lot more enjoyable. The screen is large enough to text easy and view whatever you need in a more proficient way. I was very pleased with this change made last September. I feel that the next generation will be even larger.

Another great aspect of this is the quality of the phone. I can’t even count the amount of times I had dropped my phone. Even without protection, it still has not shattered. I know many people have had trouble with this, but not me. I feel this phone is almost indestructible in a sense. I have been very fortunate in this department.

In my opinion these phones are the best on the market. I understand that not everyone feel this way, and everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. There are several realms of apple that could be changed to increase sales even more. Apple is a pretty intelligent company, and they know the dynamics more than me. So, I would certainly say that I trust whatever plans they have. I am grateful for this technology and I hope to watch the companies moves very carefully and see what the future has instore .

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