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Benefits the company derived

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KFC has developed a support structure that trains and motivates general managers “ with generous reward programs” as they lead teams in different branches across nations. Once becomes a franchise manager, the company assures him of support from advertising to training employees for a successfulcareerwith the company.

The chances are, being an expat in the company, the job turns as a rewarding career for it provides benefits such as: a supportiveculturethat promotes camaraderie; discounts are given for all the products of KFC; rewards, certificates and special gifts are given in appreciation of tasks accomplished; and, educationassistance for tertiary education are also provided for full-time employees at some selected KFC expat nations such as Australia.

The Nationally Recognized Qualification that is given for retail trainees once completed the program prepares them for the different facets of management (KFC Australia). The company managing about 32, 000 restaurants around the globe uses a system to meet the needs of the customers. Through the KFC Center of Excellence (COE) web system for new product development/technologydata sharing and routine tracking date for KFCfoodquality status and brand Std.

gap measurement, the Tricon Restaurants International can process directcommunicationwith its branches all over the world. This system tackles secret formula database that handles agreements and transactions everywhere in the world (“ Communication Technologist/KFC”). The system manages even the national and local advertising of the products, coaching, training, and development of the different expats. Conclusion KFC in its decades in the world of global business, has achieved excellence in customer service and quality products.

Through a systematic human resource function, the culture remains intact and effective in translating into different cultures. Its technology helps improve in communicating the objectives of the company for a brighter success in the future. The expats are guaranteed with the system that their involvement in the company prepares for a bigger compensation and rewarding career with KFC.

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