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The economic world must have a way of determining the best companies that one can prefer as a source of employment. There are factors that influence the decision of an individual to prefer a company to be the feasible employer in his or her career. In the United States, there is a criterion that is used to catalogue the companies that exist within the borders with their features that can encourage one to get employed. Workers always seek a favorable and rewarding working environment (Zenoff, 2013). That is; they can offer all their intellectual services to a company provided that the terms and conditions withheld within the organization are maintained. This paper aims at identifying suitable companies that employees would prefer to work. In addition, the paper explains the manner in which the employees are treated which continually supports their existence within the company.
Top of the list of the best companies to work for include the Google Company, SAS Company and the Boston consulting group. The three companies have been in the list of the best companies to work for quite a long term. This means that they bear a sense of continuity within its employee treatment program (Kinicki & Williams, 2008). Ideally, the subject companies have a characteristic of being involved with technologically based operations. For instance, Google provides search services and communication platform online. The SAS dealt with technologically related items. The three companies have a very effective and efficient employee program. The organization handles the employees in an outstanding manner.
First, the organizations have created a training program that is deemed continually to improve the skills of the employees time to time. Other ineffective organizations will prefer to hire another employee in case of development technology that the current task force does not have. In addition, each of the companies has a medical scheme which covers the employees and their family members. Therefore, the employees felt encouraged and appreciated by the company. This improves the rate at which the employees are willing to offer themselves for the success and accomplishment of the organization’s objectives (Robbins & Judge, 2012). One of the ways in which employees offer themselves is conceding to work overtime into the wee hours.
The most encouraging fact about these organizations, for instance Google, is that it offers to pay approximately $ 50 for every extra hour worked by the employees. In the management, the companies are analyzed to offer compressed weeks. In addition, the salaries that are offered to the employees in these subject organizations are substantial. Analysis about how employees are paid in most of the organizations stipulates that the employees of these companies are paid better than other companies.
Other benefits that are accrued to the companies include the social offers given such as the onsite fitness services and the gym services. These character traits of the organizations are deemed to offer the companies an outstanding rank in the rate at which employees prefer them for other companies. In general terms, most of the services that these companies have invested in include the health, recreation and leisure and fiscal incentives.
For any company to continually appear at the top of the list of companies that employees prefer, it has to ensure that it maintains the social offers without fail (Kinicki, 2008). Is it important to note that fiscal incentives are not overemphasized. This is because the employees might lose the reason behind the achieving organizational objectives and engage actively in gathering personal income. That is; it alienates them initial reason for the company. Therefore, the companies ensure that group performance is encouraged to ensure interpersonal competition is minimized to health levels.


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