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Blood diamond

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Movie Analysis I. Description of Characters: 1. Danny Archer — The American who helped Solomon in finding his Family; He is also addicted in diamonds that’s why he help Solomon for him to have the diamond; Smuggler of diamonds. 2. Solomon Vandy — An African who were separated from his family when the rebels caught him; He has a great love for his family that’s why he’s finding them; a fisherman sierra leone. 3. Maddy Bowen — The magazine writer who helped Danny and Solomon to get the story. 4. Dia Vandy — The son of Solomon who was captured by the rebels and soon became one of them. II. Special/ General Effects 1. Gun shots 2. Bombings 3. So much Blood Shed III. Central Idea/ plot The Central Idea of the story is about a man who lost his family because of the rebels that caught him. Solomon Vandy was caught by the rebels but he escaped when the army bombed the place were the rebels were. In his journey to find his family, he met Danny archer, an American who is addicted to diamonds, he also met Maddy a writer in a magazine, and these two people are the ones who helped him find his family. IV. Unforgettable lines/ Likeable lines 1. I’m looking into an incredible view right now — Danny Archer 2. I am your Father And I should protect my son — Solomon Vandy 3. English boys don’t go to school everyday – Dia Vandy 4. Can you do me a Favor? — Danny Archer 5. He is my son. I am his father. I must go find him. Go ahead, shoot me if you want, but I will go find him. — Solomon Vandy V. Guide Questions: 1. What elements of the story produce the effect to you? As I was watching the movie, I felt sad to know that, many people in Africa were killed and their children were caught by the rebels to train them and be rebels too. I also felt sad to see the destruction and the lost of lives cost by war. 2. How does the story begin? The Story started with the family of Solomon at peace, but was destructed when the rebels arrived. How does the story end? The story ends tragically with the death of Danny Archer, but on the other hand it ended happily for Solomon Vandy because he got his family back and they became rich. 3. Does it have force and beauty of style? For me, it has no force and beauty of style because of its violence. 4. Does it have humor? I don’t see any humor in the story because they were at war, and his family is lost. 6. Is there contrast in mood, character, and pace? Yes, The mood of Danny Archer is he always want to be superior while Solomon Vandy is always down to earth. They both have strong character. The pace of Danny Archer is he is a quick thinker in everything that he will do, while for Solomon, He would not think first of what he is doing just to have his son back like what he did when he went to the camp of the rebels and talk to his son.

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