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Bloomberg company outline

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The company Bloomberg is a privately held financial software, news, and data company. Primarily, Bloomberg is about the access, report, analysis and distribution of the highest quality data, news and analytics, faster and more accurate than any other organization. According to Bloomberg’s official website, “ In 1981 Bloomberg started out with one core belief: that bringing transparency to capital markets through access to information could increase capital flows, produce economic growth and jobs, and significantly reduce the cost of doing business.

” The company has been a prodigious success due to its reliability and remarkable adaptation to the ever-changing marketplace, continuous innovation of products, and unparalleled dedication to customer service; which is also why influential decision-makers rely on the company’s reports. The BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service is the core product of Bloomberg and it is the fastest-growing real-time financial information network in the world.

Generally, Bloomberg provides its clients with a completely packaged Trading System solution that requires minimal hardware, software and support. From the previous enterprise-grade ASP model they had in 1981, today, Bloomberg provides Open Architecture for firms, enabling clients to fully power their systems whilst avoiding the hidden costs and responsibilities associated with infrastructure build-outs, data sourcing, continual tuning, version upgrades, and system maintenance.

As an advantage, firms are no longer forced to recover hidden costs by undersizing environments that may lead to changes in trading performance. References LinkedIn Corporation. “ Bloomberg. ” Retrieved August 21, 2010 from http://www. linkedin. com/companies/bloomberg BlombergFinanceL. P. “ Bloomberg Trading Systems” Retrieved August 21, 2010 from http://iimagazine. firstlightera. com/ERA/ResourceHandler. ashx? b1d8f3a7-9ed6-4944- 8172-642482129405; trading%20systems_london2. pdf

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