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Blue man group

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Blue man group concert is a group of three men who communicate through gestures and sounds in particular. The BMG concert left me in a state of thirsting for more of their plays since they made me laugh and enjoy myself.

At one point I enjoyed the fact that my money had gone to a good cause of promoting young talent that needed nurturing. On my part, the performance was exquisite. I was overjoyed to even think of complaining for their show was very interesting and intriguing. The music played in the concert was good and modern. There group is bound to succeed since many people love their shows. There were different types of instruments that were used in the concert and include strings (electric zither, cimbalom, Chapman stick, and hammered dulcimer), drums (the drum wall and paint drums), Airpoles (sword, angel and wiper airpoles), and lastly the pipes and tubes (PVC pipes, tubulum, backpack tubulum, and drumbone). The voice types that were featured in the concert involved enormous breadth factors such as physical size, nutrition, and puberty age; musical training; background of linguistics; vocal production techniques and the sound aesthetic techniques. Blue man group used tenor, bass and other generalized types of voices like plastic bass pads to jam on stage to bring out their music in the concert (Sentinel, 2007).

The purpose of the play or concert was to give humans a relaxed evening after a long day’s work by reducing them to their basic. It gave us the uncomplicated nature of humanity for it gave us permission to play as well. It is an interactive concert which has been performed by benevolent, mischievous, extraterrestrials with eyes of pioneers who are intergalactic. They are three elves who are overgrown and take centre stage taking the audience on a joyride. BMG want to celebrate the sybaritic privileges, a driven experience that is self, which has managed to include the audience in their sacraments to the ridiculous capricious twiddles. BMG music pieces performed evoked emotions that included happiness and generated interest in the whole concert. I was able to follow the play to the end for it was captivating and enlightening. People who came in the hall with stress issues were able to be elevated from them through the laughter that was shared in the theatres (Sentinel, 2007).

My specific thoughts and feelings towards the music that was used in the concert was fantastic and unique. The group was able to bring some musical features that were not adopted by other concerts in the modern society. BMG managed to incorporate in their music all kinds of different music found in the music industry so it accommodated all tastes and preferences that were present in different people. My thoughts ran wild on seeing their level of creativity which was going to motivate other performers to be creative in coming up with their plays in order to attract a multitude and leave them wanting to see more of your creativity. After watching the concert, all I longed for was another visit for them in the country so I can watch their new invention. BMG managed to make waves when they presented the play to the children and thus exhibited the features of a playful and accessible approach to the scientific world of sound and light. They utilized technology that was extraordinary. The BMG on stage are one part intrusive children, one part charlatan, and one part superhero on a discovery journey.

As they experiment with sound and color, they are being guided by curiosity, courage, and comedy thus is able to express them as well as connect with the audience appropriately. Through all these, the family as a whole is able to appreciate and fully understand their quality of sound and light which has encouraged learning and development through the sensory engagement and entertainment that is interactive (Zainoeddin, 1998).

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