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Brandy norwood

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To develop a healthier eating habit for dent that work out in the gym instead of eating junkfoodwhile exercising eating healthier will help control weight, improvehealthconditions and diseases, and also boosts energy levels to perform better while exercising. Give some background information about why you are proposing your suggestion so that the reader has a better understanding of the problem. The gym should be a positive place to work out at, when you go to a vending machine to get a snack what would you eat? Snickers or a granola bar?

Students don’t have the option to make that decision. Time and time again I e students having to make the wrong choice by eating unhealthy. Making vital decisions to choose to eat unhealthy because they don t have healthier items to offer students. This effects the students in many ways this makes the student unfit after having a full work out, this puts more calories into the students body that they just burned while working out, and lastly it doesn’t stimulate the body as would a healthier choice item Having them ready to go to class to be ready to participate in class.

State a solution to the problem; this is where you give specifics about your suggestion. A solution to this problem would be to take an evaluation from the student body, where they are able to voice their opinion on if they fill that they want a healthier vending machine in the recreational center. If so move forward and by getting the student body to get the Southern University to provide a better vending machine by asking if Southern University A&M college could add a 1. 00 charge to tuition to make a possible attraction for students in their health.

The dollar will exceed beyond its limits there are a little over 5, 000 students that attend Southern University at the moment which is the cost of a vending machine from BBS. Com. Themoneythat we assets from the student body every semester will go towards healthier vending machine primarily in the gym. This also will be for maintenance of the machine and also to cut cost. By working with this company they would be able to give the university a discount. Continue with any costs that will be involved. It was added in the previous paragraph Conclude by restating the problem and proposed solution.

To develop a healthier eating habit for student that work out in the gym instead of eating junk food while exercising eating healthier will help control weight, improve class participation , and also boosts energy levels to perform better while exercising. The conception of having a better quality and healthierenvironmentfor people that uses Southern university a&m college recreational center. Is the ideal good or bad to use a survey of 25 stimulating questions to get to the bottom of it once and for all? How do students really feel about having Auditor or yogurt ? Would they rather drink a coke or a bottle of water?

What do students want? Student survey (6-7 ) questions ). How will healthy vending machines in the recreational center help improve students’ performance? 2). If a healthier snack machine was put into the recreational center would you purchase snacks? 3). What snacks would you like to see put into the machine? And why? 4). Do you think students will perform better if eating heather snacks while working out? 5). What snacks would you not support being a part of the snack machine? 6). Has this ever been a concern for you to see heather snacks in the vending machine? People that uses Southern University a college recreational center.

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