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Brian’s hunt

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How did Brian find the dog? The dog was lost and it had ran away from home, and the dog had come up on Brian. What was on the dogs back? On the dogs back there was a wound where she had got in a fight with another animal. How did Brian shoot animals to eat? He had to make a spear out of natural matireals because that is the only thing he had to use. Why does Brian have to kill animals to eat? Brian has to kill animals to eat because in the wild that is the only thing he has, but he has to survive. How does the dog help Brian hunt?… The dog can sniff things out so Brian will know where the animals are at! What does Brian sleep in at night? Brian sleeps in a canoe because he has no where else to sleep. Is this book fiction, nonfiction, or realistic fiction? This is a realistic fiction book because it could be true but some things are not real. What are some of the other books by Gary Paulsen? Hatchet, Brians Winter, and more. What are most of Gary Paulsen books about? Most of the books by him like Hatchet, Brians Winter, and Brians Hunt talk about nature. What is the theme of this book? The theme of this book is always try your best and work hard even know your out in the wild still work hard and try hard. What should you read? Gary Paulsen books! ONBRIAN’ S HUNT SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder Now

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