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Bs in business administration in philippines

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The Bachelor of Science In Business Administration program (BAS) is designed to produce graduates that possess a deep familiarly of business operations and equip them with critical decision making skills for strategic and executive work necessary for competing In the ever-changing world of global business. II. The program empowers students with a basic and clear understanding of the functions of every division in a company, be it in marketing, finance, operations, human resources, and office management.

Training in this program emphasizes leadership skills, and thus prepares them you managerial and supervisory positions. Body l. Business Administration Is not considered a profession. It Is a general course, which gives a wide but rather shallow knowledge In business related subjects. II. These are the skills that you need to possess or develop to be able to succeed In this course. A. Analytical skills, to see all the different aspect of a complex problem, and to tackle them one by one. B. Interpersonal, to relate to all kinds of people while eating and inspiring teams and setting them to tasks. . Decision making skills, to take all the evidence and make good Judgment calls in high pressure situations is a necessary skill for doing business. D. Communication skills, to write and converse in English is necessary for global business in the present day, and it is also a vital skill in leading teams. E. Mathematical skills, – a basic grasp of arithmetic and a predisposition for numbers are necessary as accounting and auditing are vital components to this course, and require a fair amount of mathematical knowledge. Ill.

BAS Is not too difficult as a course, yet It requires a lot of hard work, business sway, Interpersonal skills, and more practice than theory. It Is very rewarding, as It will equip you to find business opportunities where most people see none. IV. During the On-The-Job training program, you will be assigned to work at a company where you will experience an actual working environment in order to give concrete meanings to the theories and learning posited in the classroom. V. There are numerous specializations for the BAS program A. Management Accounting:

A higher-level branch of accounting which deals with company audits on a macro scale. B. Entrepreneurship: A methodology of seeking start up business opportunities through initiative and wit, especially In Industries with emerging new technologies. C. Marketing: A set of subjects that Identifies and delineates demographics In order to effectively introduce, promote, and sell a given companies products or services to consumers. D. The practice of sustaining monetary stability and assessing accurate financial information on the organization and the operations of domestic banking and non- Nanking institutions.

E. Business management: Focuses on the different aspects of business operations and various leadership theories while equipping students to start their own business. F. Economics: The practice of allocating scarce resources to the needs of the many. Students will also engage in inter-disciplinary analyses of issues through various theories postulated by economic gurus. G. Human Resource Development Management: Defines the human aspect of an organization with their social, financial, intellectual, physical needs and capacities.

Theories and methodologies regarding leadership skills enable students to manage and utilize human resources to meet the needs of organizations in public, private and non-profit sectors. VI. There is no board examination for BAS. If the student of BAS will graduate they will easily to apply in the world of business. They don’t need to take an board examination to have a license for the application unlike the other course such as nursing, education and etc. VI’. There had a lot of Career opportunities for BAS graduates. A. Jobs requiring no prior to minimal level of experience: .

Marketing – Marketing Assistant, Marketing Associate, Junior Marketing Executive, Investment Consultant. 2. Sales – Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Sales Support, Sales Representative, Account Manager, Leads Management. 3. Human Resources – HRS Assistant, Junior Recruiter. 4. Administration – Assistant store manager, General administrative Jobs. 5. Finance – Junior Financial Advisor, Junior Finance Analyst. 6. Accounting – Payroll Assistant, Accounting Staff, Accounting Assistant. Require trainings and prior Job experience of a few years: 7.

Marketing – Senior Marketing Executive, Marketing Officer, Marketing Manager, UP of Marketing. 8. Sales – Senior Account Manager, Area Sales Manager, Sales Manager, UP of Sales. 9. Management – Retail Operations Manager, Branch Manager, Assistant Branch Manager, Area Manager. 10. Business Development – Business Development Executive, Business Development Manager, Analytics Officer. 11. Human Resources – HRS Consultant, HRS Officer, Senior Recruiter, HRS Director, HRS Analyst. 12. Finance – Senior Financial Advisor, Senior Finance Analyst, Budget Analyst. 3.

Accounting – Payroll Officer, Payroll Specialist, Bookkeeper, Cost Controller. B. Jobs not related to BAS that graduates can apply to 1 . Customer Service representative – provides technical support for outsourced client queries regarding various products. 2. Freelancer working online – outsourcing work from home through various skills, such as data entry, article writing, SEE, customer support, administrative support etc. 3. Receptionist – represent a business or individual by communicating with customers while taking charge of multiple office asks and equipment. . Secretary/Office Administration C. Career Opportunities Abroad economies like Malaysia and Singapore, and also in countries in the Middle East like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Job opportunities are more or less the same with the above mentioned positions. D. Salary Levels Due to the general nature of the BAS course, it is impossible to give a reliable estimate of the salary levels. Your salary will depend on the school you graduated from, the industry you will work in, your position and your experience.

Salaries in plopped countries are generally much higher, and can range from twice to 10 times higher than in the Philippines for similar positions. VI’. There is the reasons why BAS graduates are difficult to applying for their Job. A. It is difficult for the fresh graduate of business administration course to compete in the world of business because there some graduates from the other courses will also applying for the position of business administration, aside from that, they also had experiences, and they easily get hired compared to the fresh graduate who had no experience except on their JOT.

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