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Children. Want: A middle class family want a food. It’s the basic element of life. If these class of children demand to go dinner in a five star hotel. This is a want. It’s difficult to fulfill their desires.

At the same time children can play inside the house but if u can afford it than Build A-Bear build a shop for these kind of children to provide a good atmosphere in the form of toy shop. Demands: Demand depend upon the buying power of the customer. Upper class can buy every thing at any time. Rat’s why Build A-Bear offer a different types of bears and toys with different price. It’s range 15$-25$.

Now it’s depend upon the customer demand. If they have the purchasing power to buy a 25$ bear they can buy it if not than to switch other lower price bear. Q. NO. 2: Think all of factors of Build A-Bear product. Discuss in detail the ‘ alee that build A-Bear creates fir its customer.

Build A-Bear creates it’s own toy. Nee child goes to the toy store it give s an amazing satisfaction. The toy store also care our value able customer. They can prepare these product with own imagination concept. CEO travels every time in our outlets to check the quality of our product and listen customers reviews.

The basic element that Build A-Bear creates for it’s customer are following.

At ‘ Choose Me’ Child goes to the toy shop and choose a unstudied animal toy that are available in the store with different prices. At ‘ Stuff Me’ Station animal comes to existence. Child operates a food pedal that blows in the stuffing. ‘ Hear Me’ child decide to put a voice box inside the bear or needs her toy Intuit voice box. At ‘ Stitch Me’ child stitch the animal shut.

At ‘ Dress Me’ child dresses our bear with our accessories provide in the store according to our choice. At ‘ Name Me’ child give name to our bear and got a birth certificate.

So these kind of activities children really enjoy and show their interest in these activity. Providing value customer: CEO done lot’s of thing to provide best service to our value able customer. CEO visits every week to our outlet and listen the experience of children and talk to the parents about the experience of our product.

It’s product price less than other shops and designs are also good comparatively other brands are available in the market. Q. NO. 3: Five management Concepts: Marketing concept is the idea in which achieving organizational goals depends on knowing the needs and

Ants of the target marketing by delivering the desired satisfaction. Build A-Bear tries to focus on customer needs, wants and satisfaction level. They give full attention to our valuable customers and provide good products and family atmosphere in the store.

Because marketing is a good relationship between customer and owner if you are build this relation strong and never double cross at any cost than success is coming on you way. Q. NO. 4: Four utilities is Build A-Bear providing to it’s customer. Lila A-Bear to know that the customer needs and wants and tries to Tuttle t desires.

They involve their customer in all production procedure.

They are involve in to the designing customizing and prepare price range according to the customer buying power. CEO reply most of the emails personally. Read every customer suggestion and take positively. CEO take action according to customer suggestion. Rhine CEO personally email to our customer customer shows the involvement . CEO build a club in the toy shop where he listen children views about our product and give ideas to the new product.

CEO provide our product on less price than the other competitor are in the market.

This the key element in the market success CEO care our value able customer. Build A-Bear is focusing on the self experience. Because “ hen children buy a toy only because of entertainment. The company try to satisfy our customer to provide a new toy that differ to other. Q.

NO. 5: How can we launch this kind of business in Lahore. First of all we can see the area and people living standard. Because in Pakistan lower middle class family can’t afford these kind of product. But as a CEO I am trying to hit these areas where the buying power of the people are very low.

Our mission to provide our product each and every child.

Doesn’t matter the upper class and lower class. Customer buy our products when he see our outlet support every person buying power. Today hurry and worry is the two diseases of modern life. Parents have not enough time to spend with our children.

So parents give these toys when children are alone they can’s feel lonely and enjoy our life with our toys. We can offer membership card to success our business. Special deals and discount are available memberships. Online shopping are available, if parents have not enough time children through our website select a toy and order this product will be availability in 24 hours.

Bears, dolls and homes are attractive or girls but children mostly likes Airplanes, cars, guns. So we are trying to provide this kind of product firsts than we follow the customer review.

If they can like our Nor we scan improve our services. Q. NO. 6. One strength, one weakness, one opportunity and one threat for Build A-Bear.

CEO involve our customer and do the same thing what they want. CEO indispose our ideas on our customers. Build A-Bear start this business when people not know about this idea. If we are in a Pakistan Nerve culture are different. We cannot afford this situation to run a business without profit in 5 years.

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