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In literature. the impressions of a crowned head and a autocrat were ever assorted. Philosophic and theological plants have non delineated any clear boundaries between a crowned head and a autocrat. However. several professors have attempted to find. whether it was allowable to defy a autocrat. and how easy a crowned head could turn into a autocrat. In order to make up one’s mind whether it is possible to defy a autocrat. we should find who a autocrat is. and what opposition is meant by the inquiry.

Bodin ( 1992 ) refers to a autocrat as “ someone who makes himself into a autonomous prince by his ain authorization – without election. or right of sequence. or batch. or a merely war. or a particular naming from God. ” Furthermore. autocrats are identified as those who are “ cruel. oppressive or overly wicked” ( Bodin. 1992 ) . Although ancient authors discussed the possibility of defying to tyrant. they have non evaluated the hazards for such opposition. Any resistance. whether existent or imagined ( planned ) would be equaled to treason.

Furthermore. a autocrat is besides a crowned head who possesses absolute power and limitless rights. Bodin ( 1992 ) suggests that the state does non hold the right to kill or physically extinguish the autocrat ; but it can disregard the determinations that contradict to the Torahs of nature and God ( Bodin. 1992 ) . In this context. we should besides retrieve that to be a crowned head does non needfully means to be a tyrant ; but being a autocrat ever implies being a crowned head.

It is a affair of ethical and powerful boundaries that each crowned head is able to traverse. “ The first privilege of a autonomous prince is to give jurisprudence to all in general and each in particular” ( Bodin. 1992 ) . This is besides a privilege of a autocrat. but a tyrant gives jurisprudence without separating between evil and virtuousness ( Bodin. 1992 ) . In general. Bodin ( 1992 ) concludes that “ it is ne’er allowable for a topic to try a thing against a autonomous monetary value. no affair how wicked and cruel a autocrat he may be” .

The job is in that we still lack a proper definition of what a autocrat is. We risk mistreating a crowned head for high revenue enhancements. but that does non intend that this crowned head is a autocrat! A autocrat may hold the right to penalize plotters. but this may besides be a natural demand to protect one’s right to populate ( Bodin. 1992 ) . That is why we can non do tyrants’ riddance lawful. Mentions Bodin. J. ( 1992 ) . On Sovereignty. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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