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Case study on xml

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XML Case Study:

XMLis the artificial markup language which is generally used in the Internet. The main advantage of XML is that it can be read by a machine and by a human reading.

The primary language of XML documents is English, because it is widely understood, but the document can be translated into other languages. XML documents contain only the textual signs which make it readable by people. Generally, a XML document was projected like a language with the easy syntax to enable the computer programmes and people understand and manage it in the Internet. Writing a XML document a programmer is not limited with the content bit should follow the rules of syntax of the chosen language. The information presented in the document is described with the help of the easy tags which makes this format flexible and convenient for the use in different spheres. The combination of the easy syntax, convenience for the human being, flexibility and the basing on the single Unicode for all the languages of the world made XML (and other related to XML formats) popular and widely used in the Internet.

The XML form was introduced in 1998 and since that time it has been changed and improved several times. Every programmer should be aware of the standards of XML form and a student who is going to prepare a case study on this topic should improve his knowledge on it in order to be able to solve the ‘ puzzle’ of the suggested case study. If one is asked to complete a successful case study, he should collect enough information about XML and than about the problem of the case. If one knows much about the problem. He has the chance to provide the professor with the detailed analysis of the topic. A student is supposed to find out about the cause of the problem related to XML and then value its effect.

On the basis of the seriousness of the consequences, one will try to brainstorm the appropriate solutions to the suggested problem under investigation. The main difficulty associated with case study writing is the disability to make a correct logical structure of the paper and to format the text professionally. It is reasonable to take advantage of the assistance of the Internet and read a free example case study on XML there. Such examples of papers written by the experts are extremely important for every inexperienced student who wants to learn to write high-quality assignments himself. So, if one wants to succeed in case study writing, he should look through a well-analyzed free sample case study on XML and catch the style and manner of writing and the way of the proper analysis of the problem.

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