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Chapter 1 - introduction

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CHAPTER 1 – INTRODUCTION Background of the Study Apple had gained wide popularity and success in our neo-technological era with full of advancements. It all started on April 1, 1976, when Apple Company was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and the company was incorporated on January 3, 1977 in Cupertino, California and released Apple I, their first company product. After 4 years of hardship and magnificent inventions, On August 12, 1980, According to the Financial Times Magazine they cited that the “ Apple Computer was the fast growing manufacturer of small computers for the consumer, business and educational markets”. Up to our present time, Apple Inc. generated several stuffs of portable and innovative devices containing an “ I” before the product like iPad and iPhone and etc. According to the 2012 Bar Graph of Sales, Apple has been one of the world’s largest technology companies by revenue and it was also the third largest mobile phone marker after Samsung and Nokia. Fortune Magazine named “ Apple the most admired company in the United States from 2008 to 2012″. Also according to CNN, they also said that Apple market cap is larger than that of Google and Microsoft Company combined. Also at Forbes website, they ranked Apple as the “#1 World’s Most Powerful Brand” leaving behind the Microsoft and Coca Cola Company. These are facts and information pertaining to the truth that Apple has the biggest influence of our time. No one knows, until when will Apple stop circling our axis with our cool world. However, from Daily Mail (UK) and Washington Post, Apple received criticism with alleged use of sweatshop labor, environmental destruction and unethical business practices. As we go further to our research, we will talk about the Statement of the Problem. Statement of the Problem Our focusing question is “ Apple Apple Company is truly admired by the 2000 era of costumers, if you asked a certain group of people of what brand they would like to intend without the concern of prices, surely 80% of it will ask for Apple products, but why Apple products? Yes, apple products are generally the products of our time but it is true that Apple products are too costly and addition to that, it has the fastest phase of releasing another series of version, thus it defy the rule of marketing. The year 2011 was post-Steve Jobs era but it was a most consuming way to spend your money with. Money is nothing with some of the costumers for they have a greater love of IPhone than money. Our main concern why we chose this topic is because we admire IPhone but we neglect the marketing strategy of them. Apple Company earning a triple-double of sales in their market from the year 2007 up to present signifies the selfishness of their company. Selfishness because they gave a high price and intend to make another product of them. For example, when they started their company they are only on the side of computer at first then later they started manufacturing some of the phones and up to this present time, they have tablets different software and mobile applications and etc. They mean to carry everything from our world from the side of Computers they have laptops and supercomputers to compete with Intel. From the side of mobile gadgets they have the luxurious IPhone to rally with Nokia and Samsung. The problem is not only on the side of the Apple Company but also on the side of us, the consumers. It really depends on us if we will buy again after buying just the past month of a certain product. It really concerns us even though we’re or we’re not consumers of Apple but it greatly affects all the electronic gadgets that we intend to. Workers now a day try to keep the 25% of their money on spending with gadgets rather than buying some useful groceries to use with. I imagine that there is a curse that makes the people blind and thirsty for Apple’s products. If you buy Apple products you will surely wait for another release without thinking of your future possibilities. Our future always has struggles like financial or health-problem. Imagine if yourself is at the hospital after buying an IPhone last month, you can’t afford yourself to help because you don’t have enough money and plus, you have to pay the monthly price of the IPhone. Apple makes our generation a better or an excellent one but we must learn the value of money and everything, because money is not just money it’s a matter of everything here especially in the corrupted society of the Philippines. Objectives of the Study At the end of our research, out study aims to: a) We must have done researched about the enormity of the sales from the year 2010 up to 2012 and how rapid does Apple release another product. Also, the special features of their products that make it unique to other items. These will determine their marketing strategy in controlling their products. b) After we researched about Apple’s SOP we must have done comparing and contrasting it to other companies including Samsung and Nokia. These three giant companies lead the flag in industrializing the world of mobile phones and how these three differ from different aspects. c) (Optional) We aim to research about the father of Apple which is Steve Job and his biography and the impact of losing him, and how will the new Apple’s chairman Tim Cook contribute to the company. We know that leaders are the head of all its parts so we included here in our objectives the leaders of Apple. d) We must try to interview some Apple’s costumers and we will ask a few questions concerning them. Our survey questions will talk about what made them to buy apple, are they satisfied or not? e) After that widespread research carrying out many facts and new ideas, we will now make an argumentative paper which we are supposed to do. We will give the pros and cons, the good and bad effects. These are our goals as of now, but it may more as we go through our lesson in English. Significance of the Study Maybe the readers may think that we are bitter of Apple’s products or maybe the readers may think that we don’t have money to buy with. We actually chose this topic “ not to persuade but just only to inform”, we are not bitter any of this. The importance of this study is not only to study about Apple but “ to inform people that in this present time with a rapid development of technologies, the best way to do is to learn, discipline and keep money”. Why learn? Learning lets you unshackle in the arms of technology. Learning means everything not only from the knowledge you know, but also it gives your mind the energy boost of curiosity, and we know that curiosity is what makes men better than the past generation, because we learn from the past generation we intend to generate new ideas that intend better life. So rather than buying Apple products, why don’t you study more Java and learn some HTML or CSS, who knows, we might be anything than our field of expertise. The second thing is to inform readers about discipline. If you know the main difference between an aged man and a teenager, probably most people will say that an aged man walks in three foot while a teenager walks in two foot. We didn’t notice that an aged man has a discipline while our youth today only few know of this. If you ask an aged man of how have they courted their wives, they will say that they have done it through haranas or by love letters, while if you ask our youth of how they have courted their girlfriends they will say that they made it via text messages. If you ask an aged man of how have they eat their everyday life, they will answer that they got it from the trees, harvested it from their field or they have cooked it manually, while If you ask a teenager of how they got their food on a plate, they will answer they got it from instant noodles, sinigang mix or anything that has been already made by the manufacturer. As you can see, everything today is instant, but there are no instants on our career. Imagine if you buy an IPhone worth many thousands of peso, why don’t you choose buying only worth a few thousands of peso if your only reason is just to text not to brag about your wealth or to ride with the in. You need discipline in everything, because we believe that “ Discpline is the most luxurious, glamorous, precious thing that our world needs”. So that’s why we included here in our argumentative paper the value of discipline that is fading away with time and technology. Lastly, we would like to enter the value of being thrifty or keeping money. We understand that it is their money that they are spending, anyway why will we mind them, but we care that’s why we mind them. When keeping money nothing will be lost, so why don’t you save and keep it for better sake. I remember our famous Filipino song “ Lobo” as I wrote the past sentence ahead of this. The real moral story of the song is treasuring money on your hands. It’s like your IPhone got wet after you accidentally dropped it and it totally destroyed the system. If that happens, surely the buyer must have regretted two things. First is that “ he must have handled it with care” and the second is “ he must have bought something else worth more” and that third must be “ he should have saved and keep it for necessary conditions”. Three values that we emphasize that we thought were better for our hard-earned money. Only three of these are to remember, not only by Apple buyers but also to all kinds of consumer. Scope and Delimitation Our scope range will only tackle the different scholarly journals whose side is either pro or anti about Apple’s practices. This is to measure the gravity of our study and the rightness or wrongness of Apple. In order for us to contrast and compare Apple to their rivalries, we would include the different brands of Apple and their features. In our research, we would also put in the earnings growth and momentum of apple per annual, so we can trace the recommendations of industry’s standard ratings. Lastly, we would not only go to our scholarly journals but also the voice and opinion of people in lieu to Apple Company, so we would also know the patronization of the costumers. Our research won’t talk about how iPhone or anything Apple’s stuff works, also we Operational Definition of Terms Jailbreak:  to modify a device’s firmware in order to remove certain kinds of access restrictions. Unlocking:  Unlock the phone from its official carrier allowing you to use any SIM card. Very often iPhone is locked to be used with only one carrier. Cydia:  Unofficial app store for jailbroken iDevices. Used to install tweaks, themes, unlocks etc DFU Mode:  It is a special restore mode that doesn’t load the OS. Baseband: Firmware that controls all radio aspects of the phone.  Separate from main firmware. This is the part of a iPhone that is important with regard to unlocking. Restore/Recovery mode:  Standard restore mode. Tethered Jailbreak:  It is the type of jailbreak that once your iPhone reboots, you cannot use it until you connect it to your computer and reboot it using a program. Untethered Jailbreak:  Untethered Jailbreak is the opposite of tethered jailbreak. You do not have to connect your iPhone to your computer when it reboots. Brick: to make your mobile phone unusable similar to as a dead paper weight. Previously there was no way to fix a bricked phone but these days if your device is bricked by a software there are ways to fix it.

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