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Founded in 1991, eServglobal (eSG) is a public company listed both in Australian Stock Exchange (ESV) and the London Stock Exchange. eServglobal is a native Australian company based in Australia with more than 600 employees operating from 15 countries worldwide. The solutions are deployed in over 80 carriers across 50 countries, serving 400 million subscribers. The clients transact over 2. 4 billion transactions per day using eServeglobal’s solutions.

The revenue for fiscal year 2009 stands at A$147. 2 million?. eServGlobal develops and implements solutions for mobile payment, convergent charging and rating, network services and messaging products, for telecom service providers, across all legacy and next generation telecom networks. Indeed the company has the largest bases payments and convergence charging. Internet, Mobile, fixed and multi-playcommunicationproviders are the main clients of eServeGlobal using its capabilities to increase efficiency, customer experiences and consequently revenues. Arena Analysis eServGlobal specialises in five product groups that is Charging, Payment, Retention, Messaging and Network as shown below.

Some of the core product groups are as follows. HomeSend is a global service that offersmoney, Roaming Recharge and air time across border transfers. Pay mobile is a mobile payment solution, m-commerce and money transfer from one peer location to another. PromoMax is a carrier for telecom operators to enables them to make personalised, timely and diversified promotions and programs to promoteloyalty. FlexiContent is an applicationenvironmentthat allows telephony operators to offer customer content that is innovative and that allows two way messaging.

The Value added Services platform provides grade messaging and value added features for mobinil’s environment. The MSP provides an open standard messaging service platform. Mailis allows operators to offer voice mail, video mail and unified mail to their customers. UIP which is compatible with Next Generation networks and legacy provides a scalable and multi-lingual IVR capability (eServGlobal, 2010). The 5 products groups below provide solutions to the 4 key industries. In this proposal we are only focusing on the market for Charging and Payment (B/OSS) which is primarily served by ChargingMax.

Strategy Groups are defined as vendors that have the ability to serve operators of different size on a global scale. eServGlobal has the largest convergent charging and payments installed bases in the world. ChargingMax uses the USP (Universal Service Platform) to provide real time capabilities for charging. This is composes of two sections, that is UAS and the Universal Billing Engine. The UAS (Charging control Services) offers offline and online Mobile, Fixed and Data charging, Vas service library and Handset Self Care. The Universal Billing Engine offers rating, promotions, charging and voucher management for operators.

This offerings are classified into prepaid and convergence products. This product line has had numerous product developments including IMS Stream – DCA and DCD, CMX 4. 2- Social Profile Manager, CMX 3. 1- Periodic Charging, CMX 4. 1 Universal Reporting, CMX 4. 0-Customer Care portal and CMX- Universal VoMS. ChargingMax has only won one main customer last year Antel but it missed many of Orange’s emerging countries operation activities. The Company intends to offer more packaged solutions, convergence and new product development- Sponsorship Engine as a strategy to face the future of this product line.

Below is a graphical representation of the stage in the adoption circle each of the ChargingMax solutions occupies in theTechnologyadoption circle (eServGlobal, 2010). Source: (eServGlobal, 2010). eSG Product Groups The trend for mobile subscription rate is still increasingly rapidly in Asia Pacific and Latin American. As shown by the figure below, Brazil has 28 million subscribers while Colombia 7 million, in Asia Pacific the number of subscribers is substantially high for instance China has a 88. 1 million and Philippines 13. 7 million subscribers.

This is a clear indication that some markets are expanding more than others as well as there is still market opportunities that need to be exploited eServGlobal. Top 20 net mobile additions in year 2008 Competitive Radar Screen of Charging & Billing solution eSG Fact Sheet eSG customer base The graph below shows the forecast for the Telecom Operations Management Systems (OSS) in terms of their revenue world wide. These business support systems, platforms for service delivery and systems for operations support will experience growth at a rate of 4% compounded annually till 2013.

This growth will be fastest in Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East. The OSS markets for Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa in 2013 are estimated at 19 billion and 8 billion dollars respectively. This exponential growth for the OSS is indicator of sustainable market for eServGlobal in the near future. In terms of Growth Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa will have positive rates of growth to 2013, these two markets are a great potential for the OSS product and service offerings. In spite of high growth in Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa, the later region will experience a higher rate of growth than the former region.

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