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Comparison between milo horlicks and bornevita

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MILO BRANDING: Milo brand is the world’s leading chocolate malt beverage that can be prepared with hot or cold milk or water. Given its popularity it is a “ must have” product forfoodservice operators particularly in Asia, Africa and Oceania. Loved and trusted by parents and kids alike, Milo products offer essential vitamins and minerals:

  • calcium for strong teeth and bones
  • iron to carry oxygen to the body’s cells
  • vitamin A for healthy eye sight
  • vitamins B1 and B2 to help release energy from foods
  • Vitamin C to keep skin and gums in good shape.

REF:(www. nestle. com/brands/allbrands/milo_foodservice). Origin: Milo was originally developed by Thomas Mayne in Sydney, Australia in 1934. It is marketed and sold in many countries around the world. Product availability: It is marketed and sold in many countries around the world (worldwide) (Ref : WIKI) Malted barley is one of the key ingredients that give MILO the unique great taste and crunch you love. It is naturally rich in carbohydrates (including starches and maltose), the preferred energy source for the brain, nervous system and working muscles.

Including calcium, MILO contains 6 essential vitamins and minerals. Together with milk it is a nutrient rich drink for active kids. A glass of MILO and milk is: – High in protein – Low GI – Nutrient rich – particularly calcium where it provides nearly 50% of Recommended Daily Intake (RDI). REF: (http://www. milo. com. au/products/milo/) check this website below “ DID YOU KNOW” PACKING: Package available, aging by replacing the old one with adding the interesting picture.

Before this, Milo packaging only have their brand name, but nowadays Milo have been through the transformation by using faces of national athletes to attract more customers. Besides, Milo also has adding more colorful color beside of their green color which is their main color. This improvement can attract children to drink Milo. By doing this transformation Milo will be more up to date and can build loyal customer and as well as to be more different than their competitor such as Oligo Cocowhich are using the same green color for their packaging.

Milo product enhancement Milo has realized and able to fulfill customer needs, so that they produce 3 in 1Milo from the normal powder Milo. This is for the customers that do not have enough time or in rush because they only need a short time to make it. This is because 3 in 1Milo already has added creamer and sugar for consumer convenience. Even kids also can do it by themselves because it already complete and they do not have to add anything. Add more ingredients To differentiate Milo from other product they have produce a healthy Milo by adding cereal in Milo Fuze.

This Milo is very suitable for consumer that concern about healthy and on diet because cereal can avoid people from feeling hungry and contain fiber that good for digestion. Milo also contains a lot of nutrition which does notcontained in the other competitor’s product such as Oligo Coco. Oligo Coco is just a normal chocolate malt drink and they do not have nutrition such as Milo. (http://www. scribd. com/doc/26214574/15/Information-in-Milo-Packaging)

HORLICKS BRANDING: Horlicks is the name of a company and of a malted milk hot drink. It is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline and it is available in the United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Jamaica, and under licence in the Philippines and Malaysia. Horlicks has been the most leading brand leading and the most famous healthy food drink brand across the world and as well as in Bangladesh. ORIGIN: Product Origin: product of England (check this not sure). PACKING: This gave GSK the thought of unifying the logo, packaging and designing across all the product categories of Horlicks.

The new look and design have evolved from consumer research across the segments along with attributes of the brand. The elements in the new design are: – * The ‘ Wave’ on the packaging shows the ‘ activity’ of a person * The visual of milk and wheat shows the nourishing capabilities of Horlicks * Blue and orange colours have been part of the Horlicksfamilyfor many years and strongly help to identify the brand * The new logo also plays a role in reinforcing the trust and equity of the brand among the consumers The packaging in a plastic jar instead of a glass bottle is a way to make the brand easier to handle and use.

A uniform size and shape for all bottles would also help in reducing the costs of producing different sized bottles. Customer choice of Horlicks is higher than any other food drink. BOURN vita BRANDING: Bournvita is the name of a brand of malted and chocolate malt drink and manufactured by Cadbury country of origin: United kingdom UK. The brand has been an enduring symbol of mental and physicalhealthever since it was launched. This layered with the great Cadbury chocolate taste has made the brand distinct from other offerings.

It is hardly surprising then, that Bournvita enjoys a major presence in the Malt Food market. http://www. cadburyindia. com/in/en/brands/beverages/bournvita. aspx Most mothers would get a huge sense of relief on watching their child gulp down a full glass of milk. But in reality, without Vitamin D, calcium is not fully absorbed from milk. Earlier, sunlight was the major source of Vitamin D for children. But today, as their activities are mostly confined indoors, the daily dosage of Vitamin D may not be fulfilled.

The new and enhanced Cadbury Bournvita is specially enriched with Vitamin D, so you can depend on it to bring out the goodness of calcium in milk. Cadbury Bournvita, with the additional combination of vitamin C, iron and other essential vitamins and minerals helps multiply the power of milk. http://www. cadburybournvita. in/ Product: Cadbury India Ltd launched Cadbury Bournvita, a chocolate health drink in 1947 in India. But even before launching its new health product in the Indian market, Bournvita was one of the most loved chocolate drinks around the world.

Brown because its brown in colour & Vita because it has lots of vitamins. Bournvita is all about. a nutritional drink which acts as a dietary supplement providing nourishment along with good taste & flavors. For today’s kids who detest milk in its pure state unless flavored, this is an ideal drink. It has its own unique flavor, and the taste is rich and full-bodied. So easy to prepare, just instant mix it into your milk. Even a child can manage this for himself when he is in a hurry to run off to play!

Many children I have known just scoop up a spoonful of Bournvita fine granules into their mouth and crunch away happily…goes to prove its taste bud friendly value for kids. Ingredients: Malt extracts, sugar, cocoa powder, milk solids, liquid glucose, vitamins, Bourn Vitaa€™s nutritional facts:

  1. Gives protein. 2) Provides Vitamin A, Vitamin C & Vitamin B12.
  2. Contains Calcium, Iron & Folic Acid.
  3. It also provides our body with Niacin, pyridoxine, Riboflavin, & Thiamin which is very essential for the proper working of our nervous system.

Price: Normally, price is the most important element in deciding the fate of any product. While purchasing any health drinks however, a housewife or a mother who is the ultimate buyer gives price secondary importance. She will carefully study the taste & nutritive values in the health drinks. I agree that Bournvita is one of the most expensive health drinks in the market (Rs. 101 for 500gms) but still due to its good taste & great nutritive values it has captured the majority of the market. Target Market:

Brown HFDa€™s target audience has always been kids who are in the age group of 7-15. Why a HFD targets audience in this age group? The answer to this is very simple. Most of the children in this age group have casual eating habits and milk is like a curse for them. This is were a HFD comes into picture the work ofA  HFD is not only to add flavor to the milk but also act as supplement whichA  can add nutrition to their child. The other advantage of having this segment as target market is HFD are mostly taken with milk http://mgmtfunda. com/marketing-mix-4ps-for-cadbury-bournvita/#

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