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Comparison of walmart and target

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The two major retail companies I will be comparing and talking about is Walmart and Target. These two companies are one of the largest chains in the world making them top competitors against one another. Both companies sell to the same market and compete with each other’s pricing. Though these two companies may have similar items to sell to customers and low prices, they tend to have many different qualities that help the other retailer to have an upper hand.

Walmart is a company that was founded in 1962 by a man named Sam Walton. This company has been fast and growing over the years. The slogan for this company is “ save money, live better”. The company’s goals are to have the best prices for its customers. Walmart even does price matching to help satisfy its customers in order to have them come back. Walmart’s slogan is to use low prices as a selling point to help attract customers from stores like Target. Walmart is known to have one of the highest customer satisfaction rates within all retail stores. When walking into the store you are greeted by an employer which makes you feel welcomed. I fell Walmart is successful in executing their strategy to accomplish their image because, they put customers first and make sure that the prices are low and affordable for everyone. Walmart also strives to be the best by letting their customers do price matching that way the company does not lose its customers.

Target is a company that was founded by George Daytona in 1902. Targets goal for its customers is to “ expect more, pay less.” Target is the eleventh largest retail store in the world compared to Walmart. They aim to do the same as Walmart in making sure that the customers get products at a low cost. I favor Walmart more than Target because every time I walk into the store an associate is there to greet me and makes me feel welcome. Walmart also have great customer service to where they answer your questions to the best ability possible. Targets customer service is not as great because they don’t seem to care as much and a lot of the times are not capable of answering a question without calling a supervisor. Walmart also sells better quality clothes than their competitors. I also like Walmart better because they employers seem to care about the customers and communicate with everyone, to where Target they seem like they are ready to get out of the store in a hurry. Every time I walk into a Target store they seem to never have many employees who can help you and the cash register always seems to be slow because only one or two registers are open.

Although both companies compare online prices I would prefer to go to Walmart just because their customer service is a lot better. Any time I enter Target I notice it to always be messy and dirty like no one really takes care of the store. Target always looks like they do not have many employers because any time you need help you have to search for someone to help you. Walmart has a good number of employers in their stores and they are always easy to find and ask questions. When going into a Walmart you will notice it is always clean and someone is always cleaning around the store when you are shopping. The one thing that I love about both companies is that they do a lot for their community. The best part about Walmart is they are open twenty-four seven so any time you need anything this is the place to go no matter what time it is Walmart’s doors are always open to its customers.

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