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Competition analysis of genting hong kong company

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Carnival Corporation and plc. Carnival cruise was founded in 1972, with “ Fun Ship” as its main product to distinguish with star cruise, has developed into the world’s first super luxury cruise company, which is known as the “ king of cruise Ship” in the industry and Carnival Cruise dominates the worldwide cruises market, thus, it was one of world’s largest cruise operators. Royal Caribbean InternationalCompany headquarters is located in Miami and founded in1968 which is existed before Star Cruise also.

There have a total of 7 modern cruise ship, more than 200 each year to provide wonderful holiday routes, swim nearly 300 tourist destination, throughout the Caribbean, Alaska, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and more than 70 countries and regions. Costa CruiseLaunched in 1848, this company initially operated cargo ship to transported olive oil and fabrics. After that, the founder’s son inherited and started running commercial business. Now, Costa cruises service in the Mediterranean, northern Europe, the Caribbean, the Baltic, South America and so on. It is a luxury cruise ships are full of Italian romance in appearance and interior design.

Competition exist until now or changeVoyager of the seas It was launched at 1998 and one of the cruises line of the Royal Caribbean International. Voyager not only provide some traditional activity on board such as swimming pool, gym, and so on. They even existed mini golf, indoor skating rink and surfing activity. This is not the only reason why they are one of competitors of Genting Hong Kong, in addition they also provide casino on board, Casino Royale. Viking River CruisesEstablished in 1997, the company was distinct with other cruise line by not only provide ocean cruises line, even supply river cruises line.

In 2016, Viking River Cruises entered the China market, with “ Viking ship” as the company’s Chinese name, and launched European river cruise products custom made for Chinese customers in the industry. They even communicate with consumer by Chinese language to let them enjoy the trip. In addition, they have 62 river vessels and 6 ocean ships to sail North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Russia, Egypt, China and Southeast Asia. The main reason why they are Star Cruise’s competitors is Star Cruise serve only Asia pacific and they desire to develop to global market. Viking River Cruises exactly serve both western and Asian cruise line.

Venetian Casino Resort

The reason why it was the one of the competitors of Genting Hong Kong is they have provided casino and leisure entertain which is quite similar with Resort World Manila in Filipina. Venetian Casino Resort was the biggest casino resort in the world and the architectural design was represent the Renaissance of Venice. For instance, they have a canals similar with the origin canal in Venice. Therefore, the tourist will feel like travel in Venice. Compared with Venetian, people will willing to consume for more content than visit Resort World Manila. Current company statusKey peopleGenting Hong Kong key people is Tan Sri Lim Koi Thay, Executive Director is Mr Hui Lim, Deputy Chairman and Independent Non-executive Director is Mr Alan Howard Smith, Independent Non-executive Director is Mr Lam Wai Hon, Independent Non-executive Director is Mr Justin Tan Wah Joo.

Roles of the CEO

Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Genting Hong Kong who has spearheaded global expansion with ambitious plans to create top brands. He lead the industry in providing high quality products and services to meet customers’ different need and focus on innovation and adoption of new technologies to gain competitive advantage. At the same time, he wants to maintain long-term sustainable growth in the core business for the world’s leading leisure and entertainment and hotel management companies.

New Product coming soon? Resorts World Birmingham is the first Resorts founded by genting group in Europe. Genting group Plans to launch Resorts World Miami in Miami, Florida, USA, which is expected to open in 2020. It will include bars and nightclubs, a luxury gallery made up of lots of retail, entertainment and conference space as well as other unique amenities, including one of the world’s largest swimming pools. community service.

Does the business owner have a foundation/charity they have created or support? Yes, Genting Hong Kong has cooperation with Tung Wah Group of Hospitals held a Charity Voyage on board Genting Dream, Dream Cruises’ new ship, from 6-8 January 2017. Genting Hong Kong and it’s patron has donated total HKD300, 000 to support the medical, education and community services sectors. Besides, they also invited five underprivileged families to join them for free. A part from that, Genting Hong Kong also co-operate with Apple daily charitable foundation to held a ship tour on SuperStar Virgo for about 60 participants from underprivileged families to enjoy a memorable, fun-filled afternoon.

Moreover, Genting Hong Kong also support the Children’s Cantonese Opera Association to continue the one of the culture of Chinese. Do they provide money, products, or services to their community? Provide examples. Actually, Genting Hong Kong had been provided a lot of things to their community. First at all, Genting Hong Kong had held a charity show “ The King and I” in Genting Hong Kong’s Resorts World Manila Stages. this show has to raise total PHp 10 million to the representatives of Little Sisters of The Poor, Caritas Manila, Philippine Christian Foundation and Shrine of St.

Therese of Child Jesus. Second, Genting Hong Kong donated NTD 1. 5 million to Social Affair Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government to help those residents who suffer in gas explosion tragedy in Kaohsiung City Are there any annual events hosted by the company? Genting Hong Kong has no any annual event available but the Genting Group has a very special events to celebration. The annual events which hosted by the Genting Group is the “ Founder’s day”. This is because, the company hope their employees remember the principles and values espoused by Genting Group’s founder Tan Sri Dato’s (Dr) Lim Goh Tong. Which principles and value are Hard Work, Honesty, Harmony, Loyalty and Compassion, those values have proven to be invaluable for growth and global expansion of Genting Group. For these reason, Genting Group hosted “ Founder’s day” to remind their employees about what are the principle and values they need to have.

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