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Computer support specialist

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A computer support specialist helps all types of people with imputer problems. One can chose to help the regular Joe or a big corporation. One would be able to solve issues with the software of a computer. One could help setup a networking system to insure everything in the house is running properly. One can easily do these tasks from home if it were necessary, therefore allowing some extra flexibility. I don’t know about any of you but helping someone out is a great feeling. The expected growth prospects for this field are to be faster than most professions.

Job prospects are expected to increase by around fourteen percent, since computer re more widely utilized both by businesses and Individuals. There will be a greater need for assistance by anyone that utilizes a computer. One can help the common household with a computer slow down Issue. Maybe one has gotten a virus on the computer, a computer support specialist could help to remove the virus or speed up one’s computer. The workplace could be described in different manners depending on the company. One could actually be working in a single office environment. Some workers will be required to do onsite work.

There are also some that even work in heir home. Typically the single office will be divided into cubicles. You will have a computer, phone and other standard office materials. (Bureau of labor Statistics, 2010-2011) A person can expect to earn around $26, 580 to $55, 990 a year. These numbers will depend on ones level of education and experience in the field. It could also depend on the company one choose to work for. (Bureau of labor Statistics, 2010-2011) A person can get by with a simple certification. Some companies will do specific software training once you start working for them.

Some companies will quire a bachelor degree. A person will have to receive periodic update training. As the computer systems change you will need to keep up with the new programs. (. NET online, 2011) Setting up computer networks will also change. In order to do this job there are several qualities you need to possess. You will need to be able to listen actively. It is also required that you be able to communicate on several levels.

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