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Conceptualizing a business business plan

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Conceptualizing a Business


Conceptualizing a business requires gathering relevant data concerning the organization in order to have an insight of the importance of the vision and mission of the business enterprise, and the values that the business enterprise puts into consideration in order to evaluate their strategic direction. This paper represents a conceptualization of the Web Tech Solutions, with respect to the company’s vision, mission and its values. The paper will provide an overview of the company, the major products and services that the company provides and the types of customers that the company serves with respect to mission statement. In addition, this paper will also provide an explanation of the significance of the vision, mission, and the company values with respect to the achievement of the strategic plan. The paper will also provide an evaluation of how the company addressees the demands of its customers and a critical analysis of their strategies to ensure competitive advantage.

Company overview

Web Tech Solutions is a company that specializes in the provision of services related to web technologies such as web development, web design and web hosting. In addition, the company also offers online advertising services. Web Tec systems significantly rely on the effectiveness of technology in order to deliver its services to clients. The company has one of the best team of IT professional in the market, implying that there is uniqueness in service delivery (Dess & Lumkin, 2009).
The mission statement of the company normally states its principal reason for existence, and outlines how the company’s vision will be achieved. The mission statement for Web Tech Systems is meet the needs of its customers by giving them firsthand priority with respect to the provision of services related to web development and online advertising platforms. Most of the decision that the company takes have to be evaluated basing on the impacts that it will have on its customers. As in the vision statement, the Web Tech Solutions aims at providing web development and online advertising services at the most affordable rates in the market (Hitt & Hoskisson, 2007). The integration effective customer service and provision of low cost services is an important strategy that the company uses to meet the needs of its customers in terms of both service and cost satisfaction. The company appreciates the concept of diversity, as such, the company offers its products and services in accordance with the requirements of the customer. Customer satisfaction is the core principle behind the success in company operations. This implies that irrespective of the different customer needs in technological aspects, the company aims at ensuring that each customer that happens to transact with it should be satisfied under any measures. The technological market place is a dynamic one, and putting a keen consideration on the customer requirements is one of the most vital strategies at the disposal of the company in order to ensure customer satisfaction, which will transform into profitability (Dess & Lumkin, 2009).

According to the mission statement of the Web Tech Solutions, the company appreciates the vital role that its employees and its customers play in the realization of the success of the company. In addition, the company appreciates diversity, and that is the prime reason behind the differentiation of its services across its clients from all economic divide. Apart from providing the most affordable rates in the United States and having an efficient communication platform with its customers, Web Tech Solutions aims at fostering customer satisfaction in virtually every instance that the customer gets to transact with the company or happens to enjoy the services provided by the company (Hitt & Hoskisson, 2007).

The vision statement for the company usually denotes the position that the organization would like to be in future. In this case, the suggested vision statement for the Web Tech Solutions is “ Web Tech Solutions aims at providing the most effective and efficient web development and online advertising services at the global market place, this will be realized by a high quality customer service and deployment of appropriate strategies at fostering the realization of customer satisfaction. The company aims at improving its employee relationship in order to foster employee productivity, which transforms to the profitability for the company”. Following the company principles, the vision statement is a priority for the company, in the sense that it will improve both employee experience when working for the company, and at the same time improve customer satisfaction when transacting with the company. An integration of both employee and customer satisfaction results a better corporate image for the company, which will in turn build the reputation of the company, and later transform into positive benefits for the company (Dess & Lumkin, 2009).

One of the most important building blocks for Web Tech solutions is its community relations strategy. The company’s top management holds the view that corporate citizenship is an obligation for the company; as a result, it must deploy all the necessary strategies to uphold it. The fostering of corporate citizenship is for the best interest of the company and helps in facilitating long-term viability for the company; which are vital in increasing the company’s market share (Dess & Lumkin, 2009). Through participation in corporate citizenship strategies, the company makes a significant contribution to the socio-economic well being of the various stakeholders in the company, and its in-house staff, the company shareholders, its customers and the larger communities that the Web Tech Solutions undertakes its operations. The top management realizes that its commitment to social responsibility is a prime requirement; this is realized through the provision of corporate support to numerous non-governmental organizations in the United States. Apart from involvement with non-governmental organization, the Web Tech Solutions also focuses on the appreciation of cultural diversity; with respect to this, the company is a principal sponsor of major social events within the vicinities of the communities under which it operates. The company also participates in activities such as provision of education and other charities related to civic work. Volunteerism is also a major consideration for the company in its quest to foster corporate social responsibility through corporate citizenship (Dess & Lumkin, 2009).

The methodology used in the formulation of the strategic direction for the company comprises of numerous layers, which played an integral role in laying the foundation for the establishment of the company’s vision, the company values and its mission statement. The vision in the context of the Web Tech Solutions defines its future position in terms of its operations. The mission on the other hand denotes the purpose of the existence of the company, and normally outlines those strategies that the company will deploy in order to achieve the vision. Fundamentally, the vision statement outlines what the Web Tech Solutions does and the prime purpose for its existence. The values are the beliefs that the stakeholders of the Web Tech Solutions share, values play an integral role in determining the organizational culture, which in turn has an overall effect on the effectiveness of implementation of strategic planning within the organization. An important aspect of the organizational values is that it offers the framework through which organizational decisions are made. The establishment of an appropriate vision and mission statement solely depends on the effectiveness and the commitment that the company’s top management has. The realization of the vision implies that the company requires the usage of the available resources so as to attain the projected position in a given duration of time. The basic role of the mission and vision statements in the context of the Web Tech Solutions is to provide strategic guidance in order to enhance the performance of the company. It provides an open framework through which the company and the associated stakeholders can undertake their activities. This framework forms the guideline under which the company can achieve its success. These approaches to operations management guarantee profitability (Hitt & Hoskisson, 2007).


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