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Consultant scenario assignment

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In addition to our Internet presence, we also schedule face-to-face initial meetings with clients as well periodic, check-in meetings. Our three-person team addresses each project from a different perspective in order to provide comprehensive solutions that meets and exceeds the goal of our clients. Through various approaches, including but not limited to, climate surveys, research and data analysis; our firm accesses, plans, Implements, and develop management procedures for our clients.

Consulting Areas specializing In inner city education, the CLC consulting Firm focuses on Increasing ND improving College entrance rates in too University for students in public schools in inner cities. Our mission is to meet with administration at the specific schools to determine what barriers (marketing, advertising, financial assistance needed, social opportunities, and others) are causing the slump in enrollment rates and help find a solution.

Once we have identified the barriers and created solutions, our team will assist with the initial implementation of the solutions while providing management and monitoring guidelines for administration. Services CLC Consulting Firm Is committed to transform education by Identifying roadblocks tit customized analysis evaluations, fundraising strategies to finance mentor programs and tutorial programs before and after school. Our analysis will include a review of pertinent data and reports that we will collect from the administrator and other decision makers; Interviews with staff members and surveys from parents (www.

Noel-Levity. Com). Role Identification In order to gain a full understanding of the issue and formulate resolutions, the consulting team focuses of the following areas: Fund Coordinator After years of consulting experience, one of the major causes of poor entrance dates to academic institutions is lack of financial aid opportunities for undeserved families. The role of the Fund Coordinator is to strengthen the existing department or in some cases create the department.

The objective of the Fund Coordinator is to consider and implement strategies to help Inner City schools develop a strong financial lad package that will lighten the Flanagan burden that accompanies students financial burden. The goal is to ensure families that there is a system in place that allows them the opportunity to enroll their children into academic Institution after high school. Research and Outreach Coordinator Every school has different types of issues. Some problems may be big or small but nonetheless the staff at CLC Consulting Firm is well prepared to handle any problem. OFF resourced for the particular student that our team is assigned to and utilize all resources. Majority of the assigned team leader time will be spent researching possible community partners. Time spent with a particular student is based upon the needs of a particular student and the number of school he are she is applying too. Project Manager As a project manager for a consulting business the role of the project manager is o provide advice about strategic and operational issues for their clients.

To fulfill this role, of a project manager you may need to identify necessary resources and create and execute a working plan with production schedules and timeliness. You may need to assign individual responsibilities to a team. Duties and Responsibilities Fund Coordinator The responsibilities of the Fundraising Coordinator are to first access the current financial aid assistance system that is currently in place. I work closely with administration to figure exactly what assistance they currently provide and what improvements they believe can be made to that system.

Once the data has been gathered and analyzed, researching solutions and crafting a plan is the next step. The responsibilities of the Fund Coordinator are vital to the success of the execution of the entire plan the consulting team has drafted for that student. Research and Outreach Coordinator The responsibilities of the outreach coordinator are to develop and coordinate students programs and educational activities through our education partners. The team leader will work with employees, faculty, physicians, HRS staff, department managers, and academic agencies.

Our goal is to work hands on with the students and prepare them how to utilize the sources that are given to them. The outreach coordinator will figure out the problem that the students are having and help come up with strategies to fix them. Project Manager The core responsibility as a project manager is to balance time, money and scope of the project that is assigned. A project manager must know how to prioritize their tasks to ensure timely execution of the project from the start to finish. The project manager is responsible to restructure how a student is accepted to a University.

Depending on the number of students, the project manager may be required to either oversee projects or actively participate in the projects. Skills Accommodation Fundraising Coordinator The Program Design and Proposal Writing Course has greatly prepared me for the position of Fundraising Coordinator. According to Winning Grants Step by Step, “ this workbook is modeled on creating proposals for program funding, and you can easily adapt it to seek general support and other types of funding as well” (Carlson, M. & O’Neal-Macerate, T. 2008). This course and the reading material taught me how to ropey construct a request for proposal paying particular attention to funding. Research and Outreach Coordinator Being the team leader of the research and outreach coordinator I am well over qualified to work in this particular department. I have many skills that will help me through the challenges that are given to me. I have the skills and am prepared to development and education needs of the students that are located in disadvantages communities.

Let’s not forget to mention the 20 years of experience and ability to work with data systems and data entry. I have also had the opportunity to work with numerous amounts of schools and due to that I have become knowledgeable of L. A County Community resources. Project Manager As a project manager I have obtained organizational skills to manage multiple projects and leadership skills to work with stakeholders. I can communicate with clients and stakeholders to convince them of the necessity of the project and communicate the tasks involved including both good and bad news of status changes.

Course Preparation One of the courses that helped prepare me for the weekly assignments was Working with Groups/ BASS 481. After spending the previous ten weeks in the Field Experience course and not having to do group work, it’s difficult to get back in the swing of things. In preparation to resume learning teams, I reflected on the reading material from this course. As stated in the text, “ groups have a beginning, middle, and an end, each stage of which has its own developmental obstacles and challenges.

Over time, you are helping people develop sufficient safety, trust, and intimacy so that individual and group goal may be accomplished (Settler, 2001). While there are many interpretations of the exact group developmental stages, most of the theories agree on the following stages: 1. Introduction, 2. Experimental engagement, 3. Cohesive engagement, and 4. Disengagement. Knowing that becoming a fully functional group takes time, effort, and trust; helped build my confidence during the learning team assignments in the capstone course.

Additionally, Along my academic Journey at the University of Phoenix there were a few courses that prepared me for the helping profession, however there were three courses in particular that enhanced the skills that I had coming into the program at the University of Phoenix. BASS/ 321 Communication Skills for the Human Services Professional, in this course I acquired communication skills, including active listening skills, interviewing, nonverbal communication and presentation skills by applying them through role play, the weekly reading material, research and preparing Microsoft power points.

BASS/ 461 Building Community in Organizations, in this course I received a better understanding of organizations as social communities. I learned to identify several elements including resources to keep organizations efficient, managerial implications to restructure an organization and skills that are accessory to effectively work in organizational communities. Creating mock companies, lectures, role play and reading the electronic material weekly played an extremely important role with the knowledge I received in this course.

Overall my learning experience at the University of Phoenix has prepared me with a wealth of knowledge for the role of a project manager as well as my team members in their roles at our consulting firm, with our expertise and experience you can expect an increase in enrollment, retaining existing enrollment, an increase in raising money ND a higher quality of educational experiences. Carlson, M. & O’Neal-Macerate, T. (2008) Winning grants step by step(3rd De. ).

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