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For a long period Americans have been brewing beer in their homes and small industries. Craft beer is a part of the beer locally brewed in America and plays a vital role in the culture of the land. This paper discusses a review of craft beer in the last 20 years.
A microbrewery which is also referred to as craft brewery is a type of brewery which has a low production of beer. They are small and independently owned breweries. They are highly characterized by the quality, brewing technique as well as flavor of their brew. The craft brewers have an annual production of an approximate three percent of the United States annual sales (Schultz, 2012). The production of beer is an attribute to the rules of changing proprietorship. The craft beer is made up of traditional and innovative ingredients and fermentation. The FBMs (flavored malt beverages) are not considered as beer.
The craft beer has been described as ten minutes of pure happiness and pleasure in a glass, archetypical, authentic, as well as an intellectual beverage that is supposed to be savored but not to be swilled. Craft beer is enjoyed at every occasion and every day celebrations and it is viewed as a substance that makes a day feel and taste better. Each glass shows the passion and the creativity of its brewer as well as the complexity of its ingredients (Bostwick, & Rymill, 2011). It is enjoyed by many in the world and they like to view it as a thing that is to be enjoyed moderately rather than as a fermented beverage. Craft beer is a versatile beverage that does enhance food when paired and at times it is brought to kitchen as an ingredient.
Today, being a beer lover in the United States is a best time in the history. Average American life does live an approximate of ten miles away from the brewery. Today, the United States enjoys a wide beer trade zones and there is a wide variety of style and a brand of beer one can choose from as compared to any other market in the world (Myers, 2012). There are more than 2800 breweries in the United States which are responsible for the beer brands. 99 percent of the breweries fit the brewers association small as well as the independent craft brewer’s definition. The craft breweries have got many challenges as well as successes (Myers, 2012). In the year 2013, the craft breweries reached 7. 8 percent of the annual beer sale in the United States.
The craft brewers face many challenges which may include; lack of market for their production, high cost of the ingredients they use to prepare the beer, challenged by the operations of the regulated as well as the highly taxed industry. The craft brewers expect support thus one is encouraged to support the local brewers which in turn helps the brewing culture in the United States (Crouch, 2010). This helps the craft brewers to promote employment as well as the economy in their localities as well as offering support to their local communities.
Despite a decrease in the marketing of the beers, the craft beer is on upswing. Texas State alone was responsible for 848, 000 barrels of the craft beer that was produced during the year of 2013. Texas was ranked the seventh state with high sales out of the fifty States of America. In the D-FW area craft breweries are proof of the statistics. Several breweries have a substantial increase in the sales of the craft beer from the year 2012 (Crouch, 2010).
One major reason for the booming of the craft beer is the fact of changes of the beer laws in Texas. A portion of the craft beer law that was signed into law in 2013 June did allow the improvement of the craft breweries so as to enhance competitiveness thus producing good products (Crouch, 2010). Texas craft breweries market as were allowed to make larger breweries making the market increase. Brewpubs were allowed to be flexible in brewing as well as distribution of beers. Another major change is due to the customers taste preferences. The craft beers are made up of good ingredients which lead to good products being made. The consumers get to know about the flavors and appreciate the work of the craft brewers.
The craft beer production has grown to the rates of eleven percent annually as compared to the time it began. Just as whole food that there was like 10 or 20 years ago, consumers have come to realization of their preferences and they gets served by those they trust. Even though the craft beer is growing slowly as compared to larger breweries, it is important to note that craft breweries are gaining ground as time grows (Calagione, 2012). The credit for the growth can even be related to the increased sense in the community who are trying to make their local breweries grow.
It is significant to note that currently the world is moving to those ages before the prohibition of beer in the United States (Calagione, 2012). Before prohibition every neighborhood had its own local brewery which they did support as well as making it a vibrant part of economy. Today there is a sense in the community as craft beer gets the community members assisting the craft beer growth thus improving their local economy. It is important to note that, so long as the community is thirsty for the craftsmen beers, the craft breweries will always keep producing it (Bostwick, & Rymill, 2011). The change in the taste of the American drinkers is also a major cause for the growth of the crafts beer.
There is high competition of the local breweries to have their brands in the local pubs. This competition is even leading to an increase of market search overseas. The breweries maintain that it is important to find the market for their products (Bostwick, & Rymill, 2011). Troncoso says that its new market in Sweden has grown through a good relationship with a local distributor. Their partner offers them with the information of any government owned off license monopoly and helps them to distribute samples of their craft beer (Bostwick, & Rymill, 2011). Hardknott microbrewery makes 20 percent of its revenue from the exports it makes to their market places at Italy, Ireland as well as Spain. There is an encouragement of beer festivals where the brewers are given a chance to interact with their customers thus promoting their brands and flavors. Through these festivals, the craft beer brewers will gain chances to market themselves thus gaining market.


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