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Create a busines- hot dog stand

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Bark on a Bun is a Hotdog Stand business. We are an outdoor restaurant with standing room only that serves hotdogs, kosher Dogs, Bratwurst, Polish and Kielbasa sausages. Business consists of six cart employees, a bookkeeper, and receptionist. There is a CEO and COO who are also owners in the business. Board of Directors consists of five people who are currently employed in the food and restaurant industry.

Hotdog carts are fully functional and self-supporting. Carts include a generator, steaming table, grilling section, cold case for sides and a cold cart to hold pre-bottled drinks. Condiment shelf is detachable so it can be cleaned daily. Cart design reflects logo for Bark on a Bun with company contact numbersMenu is designed for the customer on the go. We feature locally made gourmet sausages. This includes polish dogs, kielbasa, foot long dogs, knockwurst, vegan dogs, all beef hot dogs and as ??? special??? dog that is not included on the regular menu. Drinks include bottled teas, soda, energy drinks, bottled water and bottled coffee drinks.

Condiments consist of onions, regular relish and Chicago red relish, yellow mustard, spicy mustard, sweet mustard, ketchup, chili sauce, and kosher sweet and dill pickles. We carry two fresh made sides which will vary from day to day and we also offer bagged chips. We purchase only biodegradable paper products of which most are made from a potato base starch. All paper products are recycled paper.

We use no non-degradable products for service and make sure to have three bins alongside each cart. One for trash, one for glass and one for recyclable leftovers. All carts are fully licensed with the city including health department certified. All employees must go through sanitation and safety training to satisfy department of health regulations which means that anyone working a cart will have their ??? Serve-Safe??? Certificate.

Hot dog training consists of two days of training at Hot Dog University in Milwaukie paid for by the company. Rooms are paid for and employees are given a stipend for meals during their training. This education will consist of products, permits, license and all the practical information necessary for running their own stand.

Each employee is responsible for keeping up the cleanliness and wholeness of the hotdog cart. They must clean the cart thoroughly every day after service. This cleaning is to consist of taking apart the steam trays, soaking and cleaning them and wiping down the inside of the steaming area. Grill is to be cleaned every day and scrubbed with a wire brush.

Cart is to be wiped down completely with two percent bleach and water mixture. It must then be sprayed with a quark sanitizer solution. All condiments must be refrigerated overnight. All towels must be bleached and washed daily. General wear and tear is acceptable on the cart (see employee handbook). Any damage to the car over and above what is stipulated in the employee handbook will be analyzed to determine if the employee had any part in inflicting damage. If it is found that the employee was negligent they will be responsible for the cost of fixing the cart and or termination. Advertising consists of a website and printed media.

New business consists of walk by traffic, word of mouth and involvement in community special events. Bark on a Bun is registered with the local Merchants Association and Chamber of Commerce. Currently we have 2 carts which are located at Market and Front, Union Square at Grant and Geary. Each Cart has three and one half employees assigned to it. These are always the same employees so our customers are able to build relationships with the company. Both carts are doing well and serve approximately 100 customers a day.

Upper management works with the employees to insure that they have all they need throughout the day. Purchasing agent doubles as a floating supervisor so that he will have hands on understanding of the product flow and the customer??™s needs. Mission StatementBark on a Bun is a mobile gourmet hot dog and sausage stand business. Our company is dedicated to serving exceptionally prepared gourmet hot dogs, sausages, foods and beverages, at a reasonable price for the hungry masses on the go.

VALUE STATEMENT. * We are part of the community and support the health and environment of our community by using 100% local organic and minimally processed meats. * Vegan product will always be kept separate from tradition meat product??¦ you don??™t even have to ask! * Our paper products are all 100% biodegradable and recycling bins available by every cart * Our Customers always come first and our quality is guaranteed. * We use clean energy and work hard to leave very little Carbon foot prints. ReferencesEHow.

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