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Criminal justice

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Criminal SentencingThere is a history of years of debate over the guidelines of sentence criminals, but the importance of deterrence, incapacitation, rehabilitation, and retribution plays an important role in sentencing on a case-by-case basis.

The purpose of criminal sentencing is imperative among all courts, of importance that are on the same page make every effort to accomplish the same outcome. There has always been a difference in opinion and controversy as to the right decision or consequence for the punishment of a comment crime. The focus of rehabilitation has always been the goal in criminal sentencing, but this has proven to be unsuccessful due to the increase of recidivism. After research it is in my opinion that the main center of criminal sentencing is incapacitation, which often leads to deterrence, rehabilitation, or retribution. Many that believes that future crimes can be prevented with the approach to lock them up and throw away the key. I do not believe this approach will solve a criminal??™s behavior or change future criminal activity. I believe incapacitation should center the future on the offender??™s rehabilitation, and a goal to prevent future crimes instead of punishing for past crimes. While the offender is incarcerated the focal point should be on the objective of deterrence that also serves a main purpose to help avert future crimes.

However, it is important to understand that deterrence does not intend to change people, but only to deter them of a life of crime once they have served their time. Basically, to deter crimes the punishment needs to fit the crime. Often the courts will also take into deliberation other criminals and use harsh punishments to help deter and warn others what is in store for them if they choose a life of crime. I believe that rehabilitation is crucial to an offender and the key to preventing recidivism. In conclusion, the purpose of criminal sentencing has several crucial elements involving deterrence, incapacitation, rehabilitation, and retribution. It is important to understand that each and every criminal must face some type of criminal sentencing.

The criminal courts throughout the United States need to center their attention on these four concepts in order to help reduce the crime epidemic. ReferencesMeloy, Dr. Michelle. (2008). Criminal Sentencing. Retrieved: November 2, 2012, from http://courts_criminal_sentencing.

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