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Criminology: Case Study Basic Principles and Objectives of the Reintegration Model. In restorativejustice, reintegration aims at reinstating the individual back to the society. The main idea here is to ensure that at the end, they become full members of the community free from any form of stigmatization. Therefore through integration, the offender once again becomes productive and participates fully in the activities of the society. The Reintegration Model focusses on how this can be achieved. The model does not work by proposing alienation of the offender from the society but by rehabilitating them to become productive people. The model also views the community as the center of correctional treatment and feels that by reintegrating the individual back to the society, he/she will quit his/her deviant behaviors and uphold a living that will be beneficial both the him/her and the society (Restorative Justice, n. d.). When the community takes charge in maintaining and reintegrating the members who are deviant, least amount of security is necessary to maintain public safety. Everyone becomes aware that they have an important role to play and so deviance is discouraged.
2. Elements of the Rational Basis Test.
The Rational Basis Test is used to determine whether a law is constitutional. Therefore, according to the test or for a law to pass the rational basis test, it must be established that it is related to a legitimate government interest. So using the test, there must be a rational connection between the regulation and the legitimate interest put forward to justify it. If a law cannot pass the rational basis test, then it translates that it is not legitimate and cannot be used in the criminal justice system. The rational basis test is used mainly in cases where no fundamental rights are at stake. There must be an alternative means of exercising the right. As indicated earlier, the test establishes or tests whether an action taken by the government is reasonable and whether it may be legitimately pursued by the same. In simple words, the action taken must be rationally related to a given government action to be considered legitimate. There must be an alternative means of exercising the right that remains open to the offender. The offender has his rights and so the action taken must not close all avenues that he can use. Otherwise the action will not pass the Rational Basis Test.
3. How social, political, and economic environment affects the correctional policy.
The social environment has significant effects on the correctional policies. For instance, the community plays a major role in the correction of offenders and most often it’s their failure that makes the person not to be integrated again in the community. Economic problems force one to lead a deviant life to ensure that he makes a living. The factors intertwine in that if the community does not integrate the individual, he may likely find it hard fitting in there and so he may end up in prison again. The political environment is responsible for making policies that govern the prisons and making the laws that are used in judging offenders.
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