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Development of uber technologies inc

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Uber is a transportation company which is currently among the dominating companies offering this kind of service. This paper’s objective is to examine the reasons as to why this company has been displaying the great performances in the market for their services. The Uber app is noted to be the fastest rising company service app in terms of market success. Having just existed in the market for a short while, the Uber currently operates in nearly all major cities across the world. The paper analyses all the aspects of the online service company that may be the reasons behind its rapid development. Considering other organizations, Uber success is outstanding as no other organization has ever achieved their standards of success with just the services offered by the Uber Company (Cramer, 2016). This makes the company unique and this can be said to be applying a strategic plan to facilitate their development.

In this paper, development facilitating factors will be investigated. First, customers servicing is highly valued at the organization. In customers servicing, they have the online customers’ care that makes sure that the customer’s issues are addressed in time. This has enabled Uber to get themselves a great share of the market, enabling their rapid development. The organization management also apparently is doing an incredible job of managing all the operations across the world. They respond quickly to the complaint emails and take immediate action to help solve the problem causing the complaints raised. The product brand is also unique. Uber has a brand product/ service to the society, making many people test and migrates to using their services. This makes part of the secrets for the quick rising of the company into conquering the market. The Uber also has a strategy whereby they expand through entering the cities of the world and causing effects that make them recognized. Their rules of operation are also flexible, and they are always ready to make changes depending on the demands of the local governments of cities they enter. Through this, they are granted permissions to work in the cities. A favorable pricing strategy with the Uber is another factor that must be considered. Customer satisfaction servicing, active care for the customer, incredible management, pricing and market entry strategy for the Uber are therefore the reasons for the quick development of the organization.

The transport industry is among the fastest growing industries of the world. This is following the fact that the demands for the services are numerous and are continuously increasing. Organizations which operate such services stand as great opportunities for success. The Uber Technologies Inc. is an evidence of the rapid development and expansion in this industry. The development of a company is normally based upon the quality of service or products they [provide to the customers. other factors such as customer care service, company responses to customer issues and employee demands also count a lot. The management team must ensure that the organization under their management has all it requires to be considered of quality. Moreover, the organization’s relationship with the authority is also important. This is because the organization’s adherence to the government regulations provides it with the chances to get accepted into the market, thereby providing the favorable political environment for its operation.

Uber Technologies Inc was founded in 2009 in the United States of America. The online organization is currently 9 years in the market. The headquarters for this organization is settled at San Francisco, California, in the United States of America. having lasted less than a decade in the market, the organization services have spread widely all over the world, currently covering over six hundred and fifty major cities of the world. The organization taxi services are currently offered in all the continents of the world, an indication that their development is universal. Today, the Uber has raised to became one of the dollar-billion services of the world. The organization currently welcomes about $7 billion a year and has expanded to a worth of $40 billion. Several subsidiaries have also emerged from this organization including the Uber eats, Jump bike, Otto, and Raiser among others.

The development of this organization is because of the various high-quality services that they offer to the society at affordable costs. First, there is food delivered services that the company offers to their customers. This is however common in the United States of America where companies order for their meals form hotels to be delivered to their workplaces or even at their doorsteps by the Uber (Chen, 2016). The organization also does the transportation services. Here, the customer books an Uber car and then uses it for transporting the products. Uber also does the taxi services. This is the most common service that the organization offers in all the cities that they operate. All these services that the organization is charged based on the distance over which the transportation is done.

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