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Different type of dissertation proposal

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Dissertation proposal Submitted to: Rajendra Kumar LSC Faisal Ahmed 1092MSMS1009 LSC Proposed Title: What advertising and public relation strategy could be taken to increase the sales and profit? The case of Tesco. Tesco is one of the biggest leading retail stores in uk. It holds 51% of market share of retail business here in UK. So it can be called the market leader in the retail business leader of UK. Tesco divides its UK market operations in six regions. These are- london , Manchester , liverpool, cambridge, and so on. These units operate as individual business units.

The performance of these individual regions makes up the company’s overall performance. Among these regions, the manchaster region is the most important region in the retail industry as this region contains almost 29% of the retail business industry in UK. According to the revenue and profitability perspective, this region is the highest in position compared to other regions. Statistics from the last couple of years revealed that the Cambridge region is currently performing at below par to the other regions with 38% of the share in the retail business market.

According to statistics a 3% increase in market share of Cambridge region will increase the national market share by 1% within a year. All these factors have made Tesco to take an aggressive marketing approach and it is required to be implemented in this region in the name of Tesco operation. Background: 1. Explain CRM 2. Introduce new strategy of CRM 3. Relation between CRM and Marketing Objective This research will be mainly qualitative. It will cover the Tesco Operation of the Tesco PLC. In order to fulfil the above objectives, both secondary and primary data will be used.

The secondary data gathering will take the form of a literature review mainly from documentary sources-published information from relevant Tobacco Businesses as well as from books, the internet and other periodicals. A description of these methods is as follows: (i) Primary research (Qualitative – Face-to-face interviews based on semi-structured questions) (ii) Secondary research (journals, articles and other publications). As the study is of a qualitative nature the some data and information will be collected mainly through interview method.

Interview will be carried out with the following group of peoples and each interview last 60mn. – * Respective Tesco employees * Distributors * Consumers and Retailers As this company is in London, I have to engage one representative there to accumulate data and information for my research work according to my advices. Data analysis: data was analysed using my data analysis—graphs, pie charts, tables. Plan of the study: This study is a qualitative in nature and it is comprised of 13 main chapters. The study will be organized in the following manner: Methodology

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