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Different types of memories

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Psychology: Memory
When dealing with psychology, and talking about memory, it means the process in that allows information to be, stored, retrieved and encoded. There are deferent types of memories: Long-term, Short-term, and Sensory memory. In which they are into other sub-topics of memory (Baddeley, 45).
When a person talks about a particular capital city, deferent types of food, functions of objects, a particular vocabulary, social customs or even an understanding of mathematics, he/she will recall basing on semantic memory. I once told my home science teacher different types of traditional foods in Africa. Individuals who tend to use the episodic memory are those who put themselves in a particular event and assume to be the main actors. Since the memory is known to be of autobiographical, events like an associated emotion, places times and other contextual knowledge, which can be explicitly stated. This happened when I recalled a time when I went to the Californian coast during the last summer.
When talking of Prospective memory, I remember my appointment when I was supposed to have an interview on December 3rd 2007 at noon. I also taught a friend on how to dance our tradition dance which I perfectly new. In doing so, I was practicing my procedural memory whereby it means showing what one knows.
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