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Discussions With the vast expansions of companies in recent decades, do the traditional management structures still apply? As a company grows, its management style changes fit to which the organization will be functioning at its utmost performance. Management should deal with how people will work in an environment where workers can still be themselves yet perform according to the rules and regulations that the organization has imposed. Yet there are times in which managing people becomes strict and straight-forward, this is done not to degrade any worker however a reason that can be cited is that there might be certain abuses made to the rules which hurt the organization as a whole (Daft &Marcic 150-2).
Certain managerial structures are not fit for a particular organization. Thus these organizations need to make adjustments to custom fit managerial tactics which would be effective not just for the administrative part but also for the workforce. An effective management does not only look after the betterment of its administration. It should also be taking care of its workforce as this is the sector responsible for the output that which gives income to the company. For a management to be effective, it should be able to communicate with the workers who would be carrying out the majority of the work in the organization. As stated earlier, with the companies exploring the international market, traditional management is not applicable anymore because there would be workers who would be coming from locations where managers are not able to visit on a daily or weekly basis.
Therefore, management should be flexible to answer the needs of its workforce without sacrificing the other aspects of the company. Flexibility is the key towards effective management to cope up with the changes in the market and within the organization itself.
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