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Disscusion week 3 part 2

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Sociology al Affiliation) Question In my opinion, people find solace in peers because they share many similarities. For instance, an individual could be undergoing a minor illness that they only feel comfortable sharing the problem with peers, because they have experienced the same in the past or are at risk of infection. In addition, most peers are not judgmental as compared to family members, in that they make sense of an individual’s situation and relates to them in a manner that they avoid hurting such an individual.
It is important to let nature take its course. This means that most individuals in their teens are probably at the peak of their lives, without realizing that they are in the adolescent stage. In my opinion, other socialization agents such as careers, religion, and family become important after the adolescent stage, where an individual feels they are ready to handle the reality of life. Moreover, such socialization agents come with maturity, which is important to nurture an individual for a successful future.
Question 2
I think it is common for religious groups to frown upon questioning ones’ beliefs rather than the specific church. This is because most people and churches identify themselves with a particular religion, be it Christianity, Islam, or Buddhism, for instance. Therefore, when they are questioned on their beliefs, they find all means possible to defend themselves, including the use of their sacred scriptures (‘ Sociology of Religion’, 2013). Other norms of religious groups include moderation in their teachings, advocating for tranquility, and promotion of peace in the society. However, it is important to distinguish between religion, churches, and their followers.
Sociology of Religion. (2013). Sociology Of Religion, 74(2), 295-295. doi: 10. 1093/socrel/srt044

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