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Doobop group project team essay samples

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Question 4
The management of every company requires an integrated system to make sure that its services and products are conveniently accessible by current and prospective customers. Michael Porter first conceptualized the value chain analysis as a strategy for companies and organizations to attain competitive advantage. Additionally, the strategy enhances both financial and service delivery accountability.
Doo-Bop Group drives its customer satisfaction on a cultural diversity agenda where every woman has an opportunity to select and find beauty products that match the nature of her skin.

Inbound Logistics

All requested orders between Monday and Friday are processed on the same day while those orders made during weekends are processed at the start of the following week. The online shopping platform is effective and timely because the staff is always in waiting for all incoming orders. Upon processing, orders are packaged in magnificent re-usable bags. Subsequently, the customers receive a tracking code through e-mail that enables them to follow the products shipment journey
In the case of a defect in products, customers can return the products within 30days upon receiving the order. The total amount is refunded or an option to choose an alternative but equally compatible product. A 24-hour call number is available for the customers to make an immediate inquiry regarding their products.


Jodie Patterson has employed a team composed of individuals of different professions ranging from hair experts, dermatologists and nutritionist. The diversity of expertise ensures that every woman’s hair and skin needs are efficiently handled. A team of consultants provides online free advice on women through e-mail or phone cal. Moreover, all shipments are accompanied by two free complementary products.

Outbound logistics

All orders are made and received through the company’s website and the processing start immediately. Orders made on the website are shipped for free and shipment expected to consume 5-10 and 2-5 business days for delivery to US and Canada respectively. In addition, expedited shipment services are available at a customer friendly fee. An invoice is attached to the products package for the customer to ascertain her order request.

Marketing and sales

A team of experts markets the products on the website, beauty magazines and other electronic media platforms. All sales are made through the website’s chat platform and the customer care call number. Further, all products are categorically listed on the website and display upon clicking the preferred type. Every package is sealed in a re-usable bag that communicates the company’s regard for its customers.
The management has recruited a team of multicultural women who research, test the products and provide their honest advice through monthly magazines and flyers. The strategy enhances an inclusive market awareness of the customers’ diverse needs in tandem with the company’s mission to serve the indifferent multi-ethnic and skin sensitive women.

Customer service

According to Michael Potter, customer satisfaction is the essence to a profitable and sustainable business. Doo Bop. com provides a 24/7 communication platform where customers can make inquiries, make compliments and suggestion by making a call or through e-mail. Additionally, every shipped package is accompanied by two free complementary products as well as flyers on beauty tips and product description.

Question 5

The DooBop Group recently launched shipment of products to Canada thus increasing its market penetration rate. Moreover, customers will also receive newsletters on the latest varieties of products, nutrition tips upon subscription. For every order purchased, $1will be channeled to the destitute families as part of its vision to promote and fulfill its corporate social responsibility.

Alternative strategies

The company should develop an online video platform where beauty experts can provide advice to the customers. The platform will lure current and prospective customers who may not have subscribed to the newsletters. Another strategy is for the company to brand the assorted products to ensure customers can identify them and thus retain their customers’ loyalty. Conclusively, the e-commerce is an effective selling strategy that reaches diverse markets concurrently.


Shop Makeup, Fragrance, Skincare & More Beauty for Brown Skin & Curly Hair. | Doo Bop. Last modified September 30, 2014. http://www. doobop. com/.

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