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Drawbacks of twitter to businesses

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For example, A Snacks fan might get caught up on tweets from the Snuck players and his Job performance eight hinder resulting an increased cost to the business and loss of potential revenue to the business. According to Twitter, as of early 2012, 340 million tweets appear per day on the social network. Since twitter users follow hundreds of pages and people on Twitter, a company who sends out a tweet stating a stock price increase has the disadvantage of its tweet getting buried in a matter of minutes.

If a company wanted to send out a DMS ‘Direct Message’ from Twitter to Its shareholders, it would be inefficient, because twitter still doesn’t have the option of essaying to more than one recipient at once. A company who is trying to expand their finances will have no use of twitter at all because, tofinancea business, a company will have to seek for potential share holders.

To attract shareholders, twitter has so many barriers such as impossibility to show a graph of sales figures. The biggest barrier is not having the ability to share afinancial statementon twitter. I noticed almost all the websites I researched to search for material for this BusinessCommunicationproject stated that Twitter haven’t help them gain more sales or raise UAPITA compared to face book, Linked, blobs, or you tube.

Some Interesting Information gathered by a survey done by Wall Street Journal and Visage International: This is what Mr. Lopez, the owner of ALL consulting had to say about Twitter, ” We will tweet 10-plus times a day, and we will put roughly the same number of posts on Linked per day, yet we get dramatically different results,” A popular opinion among businesses was, people on twitter have ” short attention ps”.

I think this is because, people who use twitter do not actively read the posts. Caught their attention. There is a less possibility for twitters to catch their eyes on a company’s tweet over other interesting or entertaining tweets. According to the survey, Sixty percent of the entrepreneurs told Wall Street Journal thatsocial mediais an important element to grow their business, but the majority of those individuals aren’t happy with twitter.

Among 835 surveyed owners of small businesses only 25 owners believe that twitter could help their business, which is only a 3% from the 835 owners. My Opinion In my opinion, Twitter is a great social network to find information and when using Witter you will find many interesting facts that you never would have known or found by doing internet research, because it’s a real person tweeting to the public and the public can read them as live feeds.

Twitter has so many barriers that can prevent a potential finance raise and an increment in a company’s revenue, but Twitter doesn’t have the ability to cut back finance or revenue of a business, so the use of Twitter in a productive way might help the businesses. RecommendationsI believebusinesses might be more benefited if they use twitter as a media that gives dieback to its customers or any other stakeholder, rather than using twitter to finance or do marketing.

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