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E-business essay

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In my job e-business services that are available is a service that allows customers to pay for goods and services online using credit cards. The company has a payment portal through which customers can be able to pay for services rendered to them by the company. The evolution of e-business has helped improve business operations by ensuring that services are delivered to customers effectively. In addition, it has helped organizations handle a larger volume of customer orders as well as improving the level of services that have been received by the customer. The internet has greatly improved supported and enhanced the growth and opportunities or e-business (Meier & Stormer, 2009).

This is mainly because the internet serves as the platform for most e-business applications that are currently in operation. On the other hand, the evolution of e-commerce and e-business has greatly affected the supply chain and its legal, ethical, and regulatory aspects. In terms of the supply chain they have reduced the lead time between production and supply of goods (Meier & Stormer, 2009). In terms of legal, ethical and regulatory aspects new issues have been introduced such as computer ethics and rules that govern the use of e-business in order to ensure new technology is not misused.

The main difference between e-business and e-commerce is that ecommerce mainly involves the selling of goods and services online through an online store. On the other hand, e-business mainly involves the use of applications to redesign traditional business models with the aid of technology in order to ensure that it is able to improve service delivery to customer, suppliers and business partners alike. A company can be involved in e-business but not e-commerce if the organization uses technological applications to enhance its service delivery but does not buy or sell services online.

E-business includes the company having a website, using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, using supply chain management applications, data mining and data warehousing services. Thus e-business is an integral part of e-commerce. Supply chain components differ between e-business and e-commerce since in e-business the software that is used is mainly utilized in supply chain management, while on the other hand in e-commerce the supply chain involves buying and selling of goods. Our company’s supply chain supports its e-business efforts by being able to improve service delivery to customer, suppliers and business partners (Meier & Stormer, 2009).


Meier, A., & Stormer, H. (2009). EBusiness & eCommerce: Managing the digital value chain. Berlin: Springer.

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