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Guns in Learning s The issue of whether to allow teachers to have firearms in the school attracts interest among the stakeholders in the education sector. Teachers express the concern about the safety of the classroom and entire school environment due to the increased cases of gun attacks in the learning institutions. The rampant and impromptu attacks of schools have compelled states such as Tennessee, Kansas, Alabama, Texas, and South Dakota to pass laws permitting the teachers to carry guns in schools for personal and students’ protection (Murphy). Although critics might argue that the move to permit teachers to have guns in learning institution interferes with the role of the security agents, the police cannot be present everywhere to maintain security in learning institutions. Teachers should carry firearms in schools for the security purposes.
The teachers should have firearms in the schools to protect the students from the impromptu attacks by assailants. The incidences of the rampant shootings of the students and teaching staff have increased, and it is advisable to arm teachers in order to counter any acts of gun violence. Increased shooting targeting the teachers and students underpin the significance of changing the security plans in the schools. One way to adjust the security plans is to allow the teachers to have guns in the school. It is noteworthy that the teachers are on the first line of defense whenever assailants wage war on the learning institutions. Therefore, permitting the teachers to carry firearms in the schools will ensure they counteract the assailants before the police responds. In essence, the prompt response of the armed teachers will protect the students and avert the death of many innocent students and staff.
The teachers’ possession of the guns in the learning institutions will deter the potential attackers from targeting the schools. The gun-free zones such as schools have become prime targets of the attackers because nothing exists to prevent them from carrying out their heinous attacks (Murphy). In this regard, allowing the teachers to possess firearms will mostly discourage the perpetrators of gun violence, and restore students’ confidence concerning the safety of the classroom and entire school environment. It is advisable all the states emulate Tennessee, Kansas, Alabama, Texas, and South Dakota that have passed laws permitting teachers to carry and use firearms in schools whenever assailants strike. Even though the cynics may point out that allowing teachers to have guns will jeopardize the work of the security agents, they should know the police cannot be present everywhere to protect the citizens. In fact, arming teachers will complement the work of the police and ensure the learning institutions have maximum security.
In conclusion, the teachers should have firearms for the protection of self and the students. Security in the learning institutions is crucial, and nation cannot continue losing innocent students and staff due to the rampant shootings. In effect, arming the teachers will augment the work of the security agents by ensuring everyone in the schools has maximum protection. Any element that seeks to object the teachers’ possession of guns interferes with the efforts to protect the learning institutions.
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