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Emotions in conflict

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Emotions in Conflict Emotions play a very important role in the conflict and its resolution process (Faw, 2009). Showing an emotion in a controlled level is very agreeable during a conflict and loss of this control leads to such complexities that cannot be solved through personal resolution instead the acquiring of a formal mediator and a mediation plan becomes necessary. When one party starts showing emotions of anger, this makes the other part feel less empowered unless it also starts shouting which worsens the resolution process. Emotions of depression and anxiety lead to stress and this is also deteriorating because stressful party is not able to explain its objective and complaints in a proper way. Also, the stress itself becomes a problem. Emotions of tension make the resolution process hard since the parties are not comfortable talking to each other. Emotions of sadness and hopelessness are also bad. The mediators may also experience emotions of favoritism and bias toward one party and this is very harmful for the other party because the final decision would be one-sided. Thus, it is important for the conflicting parties and also for the mediator to control their emotions. It is a misconception that emotions makes the parties understand each other. To remove this misconception, it is important for both the parties to know what emotions they are possessing. One party should know if the other party is angry or excited or if it is tense or relaxed itself. This helps build a strong communication platform where the two parties share their interests and goals and a better resolution is achieved. References Faw, B. (2009). Staying positive in negative times. New Hampshire Business Review, Vol. 31 (25).

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