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English ( themes)

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ENGLISH ( THEMES) I have selected the short story entitled ‘ One Is One and All Alone’ written by Nicholas Fisk in order to answer the question. The short story tells about a girl named Trish who travels to Planet Trion in a spaceship in 2045. She clones herself in the BioLab and Clo who is her clone becomes her companion. However, the twist happens when Trish is disposed by her own clone. The theme of the short story is family relationship is of utmost importance in the process of growing up. Children need the love from parents and siblings in order to grow up healthily. First and foremost, Trish is the only child in the spaceship and the other crews are adults. She does not have anyone of her age to play with and to share her happiness and sadness. So, siblings are important to children in the process of growing up. In addition to this, Trish’s mother is away in Planet Trion and she is deprives of motherly love. Trish needs her mother by her side to guide her in the process of growing up so that she does not make the wrong choice of cloning herself. Last but not least, Trish’s father is too busy with his work in the spaceship. There is no one to monitor Trish’s moves and tell her that it is wrong to clone herself.           In conclusion, the theme of the short story is family relationship is of utmost importance in the process of growing up. Only with the love from both parents and siblings then the children can grow up healthily and happily. Themes The theme tells the readers what the story is about. In this story, the author has given us an insight on the importance of interpersonal relationships and the dangers of cloning. 1. Interpersonal Relationship Every child needs to know that when they have problems, there is someone older around to help them solve their problems. Children must get guidance and develop into balanced individuals, capable of making sound and morally correct decisions. In Trish’s case, she was the only child with her mum and dad being very busy with work she needed friendship and someone to talk to. 2. Cloning can be dangerous This story has shown us that cloning is possible whereby we can make another human being identical to an existing living human being. This story ha also shown us on how things can go wrong and have serious consequences. Clo does not feel bad or remorse after she disposed Trish and she continues living as Trish.

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