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Essay on chobani greek yogurt

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. Give a brief description of the product and why you think it is becoming popular? Describe 3 benefits (not features) (number them A, B, C) to the user of your product (6 points)
Chobani is the beneficiary of the growing strain yogurt in the world. It has managed to employ more than 1, 200 people. Furthermore, it has emerged to be a leading yogurt seller in the world. However, the company faces stiff competition in the market and some of its competitors include Dannon and Yopolait Company.
Chobani is becoming popular in the market because of health. This yogurt is not like ordinary yogurt because it does not contain excess liquid making them to be rich in protein. Furthermore, it has less fattening and concentrations of fat and sugar. This yogurt contains all the nutrients required for healthy eating.
2. Describe the target market for your product (age, gender, activities, the need for the product, etc.) Explain why that market matches with your product. (6 points)
The target market for the product is the students especially the college graduates who are 25 to 44 years old, professionals, management and the financial occupations. This segment is estimated to be having annual income of $75, 000 and above. The company targets this market because they have at least one child and well concerned about weight loss, travel, enjoy news, health, public affairs and participate in family activities and sports.
3. Given the target market, what type of print media (magazine or newspaper) would you suggest? Give specific examples of the media chosen. Discuss why those readers match with the target market for the product chosen. (6 points)
Because of the high competition in the market, the company needs to advertise heavily on the social media such as magazine, TV, Facebook, twitter and pinterest. These media are accessible to many people because magazines are cheap. Many people can access to read them on a daily basis. TV is also another prominent media of making advertisement because nearly people in the world are watching it.
Many users of Facebook and Pinterest are students and college graduates. This is one of the market segment targeted by Chobani. It is, therefore, crucial to advertise on this means because it will reach the targeted clients.

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