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Google  Inc is a company that deals with several aspects of service delivery. This involves the use of complicated algorithms. Google also provides other services such as email access and use with the Gmail platform which allows users to send and receive emails. Google Inc also makes browsers such as the chrome browser. Most recently the creation of android operating system for phones as well as supporting them by making applications available to the user. In truth Google Inc is a service provider that gives our customers a wide range of services and products as well including phones and laptops. (Bastele 2005)
Google Inc was founded in September 4th 1998. The co-founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, had developed a search engine while in college to help the college’s servers work more efficiently. They later decided to expound on the idea and further developed their search engine then named it Google. The first office in Menlo Park was actually a garage. They slowly expanded as their search engine gained popularity due to its efficiency. Slowly their company expanded and started to create subsidiaries in many other sectors including the world famous YouTube and Application stores. (Hamen 2011)
Google Inc as a brand adds a lot of value in the lives of the users. First the search engine is very accurate and easy to use. It enables billions of people to have any information they need at the push of a button. This has even been compounded into the education sector with the introduction of google scholar. Google scholar is mainly for educational purposes. Google Inc is also involved in the entertainment industry especially with their YouTube website which allow users to upload movies. Google has even gone into the production industry with the newest laptops that are optimized for cloud computing.  Google maps also create and almost accurate picture of the world. With it,  you can navigate in almost any part of the world. Google Inc definitely is a company that improves the lives of the client while providing employment to the millions of people who work under its name. It is not only one of the largest American brands but also one of the largest companies on the planet. (Lewis 2011 717)
Google Inc’s main competitor would be Yahoo. These two companies have been constantly in battle for market share, which is mainly the traffic that they pull with their products. The higher the traffic in the greater the marketing that they can offer to other companies. The two compete by improving their products all in the name of improving their traffic, which in turns earns them money from the commission they charge for advertisements. (Bastelle 2005)
This industry is cut throat as one wrong thing could consequently kill the brand. In the service industry if the customers are not satisfied with what they are getting they simply turn to the next big alternative. Currently Google’s market share is above 60 percent while the rest is divided amongst its rivals such as Yahoo and many others. (Bastelle 2005)
Google Inc’s mission statement is ” To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Their main philosophies include the use of technology to better the lives of everyone on the planet. Google Inc’s vision is an aim to create a  search engine that would actually provide you with the exact information that you asked for. This may be a long way away from now, but the company is definitely heading in that direction. In summary,  every company’s aim is to be successful, but Google Inc aims to do that in the most ethical way possible. (Bastelle 2005)
The main values that are embodied by Google Inc. is to perfect what they do by making sure that every sector that they venture into is perfected to ensure the users are receiving the best information available. They also aim to ensure speed is a priority in their services. Google also wants to ensure that users can obtain information even without having a computer or laptop. A phone or tablet will give you the same service as what you would have in a computer. (Lu 2011 81)
We can clearly see the mission statement given by Google is to provide information on a global scale, and in my opinion they are actually working toward that mission. Google has already started by being a truly global company in every sense of the word. Its services have gone beyond the borders, and it provides information on its many organized pages to billions of people daily worldwide. In a sense,  we can clearly see that their mission is not just for show, but they have actually strived and achieved what they set out to do.  The mission statement is simple clear and easily understood. It is not ambiguous. Apart from that we can see that it has actually taken measures to provide that to everyone with the use of mobile phone operating systems, a search engine that is truly global and the email service they provide. Truly we can say that Google Inc is a company that has actually strived to achieve its mission statement. (Vise 2005)

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