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Essay on entrepreneurial legend

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Arguably, entrepreneurs are individuals who drive the entire economy of the world. They always make things happen, and do incredible activities that are not done in an ordinary field of business. Surprisingly, every fortune 500 enterprise in the world are the results of perseverance and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are pillars of economic growth, industrial strength as well as shakers and movers in continuous constructive disruption of status quo. They create huge and successful companies out of small enterprises. One of the entrepreneurial legends in the world today include Bill Gates and Henry ford.
As a matter of fact Bill Gates was an envisioned individual since his young age. He is the CEO, chairman of Microsoft cooperation founder of Microsoft together with Paul Allen. Up to date the company is the largest computer software business in the world. Bill gates entrepreneurial skills enabled him to take the company from start-up stage to giant corporate (Lesinski 7)
Bill gates always optimize production decisions given the objective of the company. Gates applies managerial economic skill in numerous way, this include risk taking and risk analysis, pricing technique, production analysis and capital budgeting. These techniques have enabled to be successful and be among the world’s entrepreneurial legends (Harper 12).
Actually, Bill Gates had an incredible vision; in mid-70s he believed that with time every desk in the world would have a computer. As an entrepreneur he is always guided by his vision and mission. He is a risk taker; this character is what makes him prosper in the field of business. Gates knows proficiently how to manage his job, ready to learn, focused on his goals and above all he is creative.
Confidence too is the driving force behind Gates successful business. He is always confident on his dream, additionally Gates have great skills in management, this has helped Microsoft company to be successful. Gates Is also a great convincer in the field of business, for example he managed to make a deal with IBM Company. Through his skills Gates employees the best staff in the world, who receive reasonable remuneration and human environment at workplace. The Company also faced a lot of problems, but under the management of Bill gates, they learned from mistakes and rise again.
Bill Gates as an entrepreneur has also taken the initiative of improving the world. He has formed Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which is transparently managed and operated. The foundation operates globally, it goal is to improve healthcare, expand educational opportunities and reduce poverty (Lesinski, 4). The prosperity of Microsoft Company has changed the world, and Bill Gates has become a role model in business as well as an entrepreneurial legend.

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